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EDITORIAL: According to Lake Washington School District BY-LAWS, "The job of the Board is to represent the citizens and to lead the organization by asking critical questions and by determining and demanding appropriate and excellent organizational performance."

School Board of Directors are elected officials and are each authorized a $4,800/yr stipend to work with due diligence to represent their constituents and lead the Administration.  They waive their stipend.for personal compensation. They spend part of their stipend for an annual retreat.

Infrastructure and facility needs are still not aligned with population growth owing to the  Administration and Levy Committee's failure to pass two recent Capital Bond measures.. The district finally passed the 2016 bond...but there are three more bond measures to go.

Bond funding policy, re-boundary policy, facilities planning policy and regional feeder school adjustment policy are examples of when the BOARD's voice, active representation and oversight is expected yet not always fully achieved.

The Lake Washington School District has over 98,987 registered voters (2/2011) Yet, when the Kimball Board "asked the community" in 2005 if the district should run a bond to completely overhaul and rebuild the schools only 427 citizens responded.  Community involvement in the decision making process reached a low point under Kimball.  Superintendent  Dr.Traci Pierce has made great strides to this end by implementing a Regional Advisory Task Force on Facilities Planning in preparation for the 2016 Bond.  It passed!

"Community Involvement in Decision Making Policy" code was adapted 12/2/74, last revised May 7, 1990 and is over twenty-two years old.  It's my understanding the Board and Superintendent have updated these governance policies to be more effective and accountable to their constituents though public awareness and participation in the budget process is still needs some work.  .

The District population is growing exponentially and we are now the 3rd largest district in the State.  Many choose to move to Redmond and Kirkland just for the schools.  All said and  done, our schools rank high and are some of the best in the State.

-- B. Yoder
updated 9/19/17

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