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Bob, Lexie, and Pam
I've lived in Redmond over 42 years and love writing this blog. The "Redmond Blog" mission is to keep our community better informed, connected and responsive to each other, with attention to transparency of local governments.  At times I catalyze change. 

My blogging is focused neighborhood news, school district growth, Redmond's rapid urbanization, environmental sustainability, and the local governments of  Redmond, Lake Washington School District and Evergreen Public Health Hospital. I report on bonds, levies and local elections.

My  biggest hope this year was EvergreenHealth's decision to open a stand-alone ER just for behavioral health patients.  I spoke at countless Board meetings and presented the idea.  They were only weeks away from touring a similar site in Everett until COVID broke out.

Since EvergreenHealth is a public hospital they collect taxes for community programs and capital improvements. A $325M bond measure was on the ballot last year; they didn't include the mental health clinic measure and the bond failed by ~900 votes. A second, slightly revised $325M bond failed in the August election owing to taxpayer backlash. Evergreen excels in many clinical areas, unfortunately not mental health. The new CEO - an anesthesiologist  - and the newly appointed commissioners will make a difference.  The Board of Commissioners and CEO was evaluating Behavioral Health Urgent Care Clinic but gave that up with the pandemic.  Sadly, Mental Health never made it to the 10-year facilities plan.

The Lake Washington School District is faced with unprecedented growth, equivalent to one new elementary school a year. It's now the 2nd largest school district in Washington State.  In 2018 a critical bond measure failed... attributed to accelerated State property taxes. A $120M 6-year Capital Projects Levy was on the 2019 ballot to bridge to future capital bonds. It passed.  And, February of 2022 a second Capital Projects Levy passed.

Though only about 4% of the school budget is allocated to the Central Leadership Team and Administration their compensation seems high. 

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Bob Yoder
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