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Bob, Lexie, and Pam
I've lived in Redmond for over 40 years and love writing my blog! The "Redmond Neighborhood Blog" mission is to be a catalyst for change and to keep our community better informed, connected and responsive to each other, with attention to local governments. I write without pay.   

Besides mental health and the schools my blogging in 2019 will focus on Redmond culture, rapid urbanizationand local politics.  It will be a big year with four council member positions, the mayor, and three school board member seats up for grabs!  Last year I staked most of Steve Fields signs during his Council campaign - to "Build Community, Not Just Buildings."  He's a successful council member and running for Mayor.  So far, I've decided not to support or endorse any of the mayoral candidates this year but will support some of the Council candidates.  In the Fall I'll be posting my opinion, an "Election Guide" of candidate websites, their social media, and other materials.  

Since Evergreen is a public hospital they collect taxes for community programs and capital improvements. A $325M bond measure is on the ballot this year but they failed to include a mental health capital proposal. The bond failed. A second, revised $325M bond failed in the August election owing to "public hospital backlash."For two years, Evergreen has been planning to construct a mental health transitional short-term facility to care for 11 acute, mentally ill patients entering the Emergency Department. They've since decided reduce this service to 7 patient rooms.  Evergreen excels in many clinical areas.  Unfortunately not mental health. The new CEO - a doctor - and newly appointed commissioners bring hope.

The Lake Washington School District is faced with unprecedented growth, equivalent to one new elementary school a year.  Last year a critical bond measure failed... attributed to accelerated State property taxes. A $120M Capital Projects Levy is on the ballot this year to bridge to future capital bonds. It passed. Though only 4% of the school budget is allocated to the Central Leadership Team and Administration their compensation is extraordinary. The new Superintendent and Administration should tighten their belt where ever possible for the benefit of our educators and already strapped constituents. 

Your comments are always welcome and will be posted, if you wish. [The comment button is at the bottom of each post.] Please send them to redmondblog@gmail.com or comment below a post.  Thank you and have a great year!


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