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Bob, Lexie, and Pam Yoder
Hello!  I'm Bob Yoder, the Editor and Scribbler of Redmond Neighborhood Blog.  I've lived in Redmond 38 years and started blogging about 10 years ago.  When I first moved here from the mid-west to sell medical supplies, Redmond was a rural one-stoplight town.  We loved visiting the downtown feed store to play with the chicks; golf the downtown course; drive through the horse farms, line up at for ice cream and milk at Thenos and generally just enjoy a peaceful lifestyle away from the big city.

In the early 2000's, things started to change -- developers moved into our Education Hill neighborhood leveling evergreens. The City of Redmond's, less-then-perfect public notice of an environmentally sensitive project provoked me to start my blog to "get the word out." I've been writing it ever since under the well known premise that governments fostering  "transparency and citizen participation" are good governments.  

Since local print media doesn't cover all the community news and opinion. I do a lot of general-interest reporting.  Our rapid pace of growth, the environment, student educationmental health and City of Redmond elections are popular topics. You'll see more posts on the city council, Redmond's creeks and riparian habitat, fine schools and soon advocacy for mental health.  

One of my favorite activities is watching the City Council and Mayor on RC-TV.  Yes, I'm a government wonk. My interest in the city extends into governance reporting of our school district and local public hospital district. I now advocate much more, than from my earlier days of "open government" activism.  

Investigation, analysis and input of the school district's old organizational chart and leadership roles furthers their accountability and transparency.  And, after a very prolonged investigation involving blog leverage, EvergreenHeath hospital reshuffled their personnel, began day-lighting their government and re-focused their attention on customer service; revamping pages on their website.

So now know something about "About "Us" and the year ahead!


Bob Yoder

Disclaimer:  I'm a Seattle Times News Partner, but by far nowhere close to a journalist.  Errors. omissions and miss-representations occur on a regular basis; and my posts aren't always sourced. ,

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