Friday, December 8, 2017

Redmond Neighborhood Blog "About Us" is revised.

Bob, Lexie and Pam
Here's the revision....

The "Redmond Neighborhood Blog" mission is to keep our community better informed, connected and responsive to each other, with attention to local governments and our neighborhoods. My vision is positive change in our community.       

I've lived in Redmond 38 years and started blogging about 10 years ago. When I first moved here from the mid-west to sell medical supplies, Redmond was a rural one-stoplight town.  My family loved visiting the downtown feed store to play with the chicks; golf the downtown course; drive through the horse farms; line up at for ice cream and fresh milk at Thenos and generally just enjoy a peaceful lifestyle away from the big city. Well, those days are over.  

I've been writing "Redmond Blog" under a known premise that governments fostering "transparency (openness) and participation" are good governments.  My open government reporting of the City includes reporting on the Lake Washington School District and EvergreenHealth District governments. Transparency is improving and our local governments are healthier.  

Several environmental issues in the mid-2000's tormented me so I started blogging to cope, "get the word out," and leverage voice. (A city planning commissioner Korby Parnel suggested I write a blog.) Environmental Issue 1:  A  housing project on Education Hill threatened the neighborhood forest and an important wetland frequented by science teachers. Public notice was pathetic so we got the word out. Mayor Ives negotiated a wider buffer. Notice was improved; two neighborhood meetings are now required. Issue 2:  Hiking along Evans Creek in the city's southwest industrial district we found and reported riparian buffers severely abused by a wood recycling company.  We were surprised the city "let this go" so leveraged voice. Soon, six state and local agencies were called in for remediation. Mayor Marchione later proclaimed "Riparian, as habitat of local importance."  Issue 3: Years later, Lower Bear Creek was threatened by a WSDOT SR520 widening project.  We worked with city and state officials to raise awareness and request funding. The creek was eventually re-aligned to preserve Federaly protected salmon habitat.  

Years ago, I found Evergreen Hospital's concealed public commission chambers (now labeled "Community Room") and started attending their meetings and reporting on them.  Public Record Requests revealed an executive/pediatrician's salary of $600,000 and other misfeasance.  In short time, CEO Brown abruptly resigned and the commissioners hired Bob Malte from Colorado Springs as CEO.  Mr. Malte reshuffled personnel and re-branded Evergreen to "EvergreenHealth."  The hospital currently is winning many regional and national awards under Malte's helm.  

One in five of the American population have a mental health condition and only half are treated.  Under the Malte Administration, EvergreenHealth developed a new mental health service (I think required by law.) but our bursting EvergreenHealth community still doesn't have an out-patient psychiatric clinic nor employ a single psychiatrist. I will be attending their Board of Commissioner meetings in 2018 to raise awareness, suggest improvements and push for change.  

During the Lake Washington School District promotion of the 2016 bond, my blogging activities pivoted in large way from an anti-tax bent to a broader scope of community advocacy.  I'm connecting more; it's been a pleasant change. However, I remain an activist for mental health access and other significant issues.     

Besides mental health & wellness, popular topics and blogging focus this year is on our rapid urbanization, the environment, student education, and local politics.  I'm presently working within the community to further Councilmember Steve Fields "Build Community, Not Just Buildings" agenda. I'll be attending more public government and non profit meetings. I recently connected NAMI Eastside with LWSD and Eastside Pathways. For personal care, I'm attending OCC's Celebrate Recovery program and will help in forming their prospective mental health support group. My mental heal goals are to advocate for those who can't and to improve access to psychiatric services.  

I tend to be connector, promoter and truth-seeker of sorts. I'm very excited about what's to come in 2018.  Your feedback, personal stories news and opinion are invaluable. Please e-mail me at  Writing and publishing Redmond Neighborhood Blog is consuming and without monetary compensation.  However, it's been my passion and avocation and will hopefully lend positive changes 

Best Wishes & Happy Holidays!
Bob Yoder

This piece was updated on 12/11/2017

Thursday, December 7, 2017

PIM electric-Bike demo at "down pour coffee bar."

I'm not waiting for Santa!

I'm meeting PIM and Councilmember-elect Steve Fields at "down pour coffee bar" today for an electric bike ride (demo)! The public is invited to all of Steve's Coffee Time meetings!  Merry Christmas!

B. Yoder

Three LWSD Ballot Measures on February Ballot

Image result for school bonds imageLake Washington School District will have three measures on the February 13, 2018 election ballot. The measures are a bond and two replacement levies.   Read more about these three upcoming ballot measures.

The $299 million bond in a large way addresses the capacity needs of Kirkland schools. It would fund: 

1) an addition at Lake Washington H.S.; a new elementary school in the Lake Washington Learning Community; the remodel, or replacement and enlargement of Kamiakin M.S., the creation of special education learning spaces.

2) a choice high school in the Redmond or Eastlake Learning Community, the remodel or replacement and enlargement of Alcott Elementary School; the creation of special education learning spaces; land; and site-specific capital projects/contingency.  

According to the district, the replacement "Bond and the Capital Projects Levy" will maintain the current tax rate while the replacement "Educational Programs and Operations Levy" will reduce the current tax rate. The total tax rate for all three measures will be reduced from the current amount of $3.16/$1000 of assessed value to $2.93/1000 of assessed value.

"This is a great way to sell these ballot measures -- we're raising the $299 million for school construction, and the tax rate is actually going down!"

-- Comment by Toby Nixon

Source:  Kirkland Facebook group


Santa is Coming to Redmond Neighborhoods

Image result for santa image on fire truckSanta and his elves from the Redmond Fire Department will be visiting neighborhoods aboard the Vintage Fire Truck every evening from Dec. 3 through Dec. 20. They will hand out candy and collect non-perishable food, unwrapped toys and monetary donations for Hopelink, a non-profit program working to end poverty in the community.

Santa will visit the neighborhoods each night between the hours of 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and his progress can be observed through the “Santa Tracker” website at This site also lists Santa’s upcoming routes and schedules for each evening in December.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Redmond Lights

i"Redmond Lights" Luminary Walk on the Central Connector Trail.

Twas a cold, rainy, nasty night full of good cheer.  Thanks to Kiwanis hot chocolate and caroling for keeping us warm.  

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Microsoft plans to rebuild Redmond campus and hire 8K more workers

King 5 sound-bite, 11/29

Microsoft plans to rebuild the Redmond campus -- with creative innovations -- for 8K new workers.

Redmond will be on the map drawing visitors and companies from all over the country (and world) making the mayoral election in two years a prize for the winner.  We can surmise housing prices will continue to rise even further and perhaps a need for even more than four new hotels. The crunch on our schools will be dramatic.  And the list goes on.....

Don't miss this "Microsoft Live" article by Natalie Singer-Velush. Good video clips here too.  (Thanks to Rachel King for bringing this article to our attention on Chat Cafe and EdHNA facebook sites)

Rachel Lerman of the "Seattle Times" published a story yesterday titled "Microsoft plans multi-billion dollar expansion, renovation of Redmond campus."  Find it here.

B. Yoder

Monday, November 27, 2017

Redmond's Station Designs

Seattle Transit Blog

Hand sketch of the Downtown Redmond station (Image: Sound Transit)
Last Thursday, Sound Transit and the City of Redmond held an open house to share the latest designs for the two stations on the Redmond Link extension, planned to open for service in 2024. Following a Sound Transit Board decision in June to ratify alignment recommendations from the City of Redmond, the agency has moved quickly advancing design on stations in Downtown Redmond and Southeast Redmond.
The Downtown Redmond station is a simple elevated design between Cleveland St and NE 76th St. Elevating the station eliminated conflicts with pedestrians and vehicles crossing the line. The Redmond Central Connector trail is diverted very slightly to the north. There will be space for bus access and layover on both sides of the station area. The station platform is centered above 166th Ave NE, with entrances at either end.

Councilmember-elect Jeralee Anderson asks for feedback on infrastructure projects

The following is a letter from Dr. Jeralee Anderson, Redmond Councilmember-elect demonstrating the thorough community engagement process her company, Greenroads, requires to achieve sustainable certification on infrastructure projects like the King County Sewer Update project.  After reading her Letter it's quite clear Dr. Anderson should be looked upon as a key Redmond community engagement expert and leader for ALL aspects of city government.

Image result for jeralee anderson redmond image
Jeralee Anderson
LETTER:  I'm including an excerpt from Greenroads (my company's recipe book for sustainable infrastructure projects) about community engagement, which is a required practice in order for projects to qualify to achieve certification for sustainability performance in our program. I thought you [and others] might find it helpful when framing feedback to council. What specific areas (the four bullets) noted below need work, in your opinion? If it's "all of them," what is the priority you would place on making improvements in each area? It will be helpful information for me to bring your perspective on the system in place with me Jan 1. Based on what I heard from a number of people and other candidates, this is a major issue. 

I'll ask Councilmember-elect Steve Fields if he can schedule a public coffee time to study Jeralee's needs. BY

Promote active participation from community, agency, and business stakeholders in Project decision-making.


Create a Community Engagement Plan (CEP) and implement it at the beginning of the Project’s initial scoping, land acquisition, and design development activities. The CEP should extend for the duration of project planning through completion of design.
The primary components of the CEP are:

Sunday, November 26, 2017

2018 Redmond Citizen Police Academy

REDMOND, WA -Redmond Police Department is accepting applications for our 2018 Citizen Police Academy, where community members are given a hands-on opportunity to learn about police procedures and investigation techniques.
Image result for police ride along image
Internet photo "ride-along"
The behind-the-scenes look into the Police Department will include demonstrations, presentations and field trips at a weekly meeting that will be held Thursday evenings from 6 to 9 p.m., and will conclude with a graduation reception on Thursday, April 5th, 2018.
Some of the activities may include going on a ride-along, learning about SWAT, meeting our K-9 team, learning crime scene processing, and taking a tour of the King County Medical Examiner’s Office.
Interested candidates must be at least 21 years old and have no felony convictions. Priority will be given to people who live or work in the City of Redmond. Space is limited to 25 people and will fill up quickly.
Information about the course and the application can be found on our website here.
For questions regarding the Citizen’s Academy, please contact crimeprevention@redmond.govor 425-556-2632.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Image result for Thanksgiving image

                                                                                                                         Thank you, Father, for having created us and given us to each other in the human family. Thank you for being with us in all our joys and sorrows, for your comfort in our sadness, your companionship in our loneliness. Thank you for yesterday, today, tomorrow and for the whole of our lives. Thank you for friends, for health and for grace. May we live this and every day conscious of all that has been given to us. -From The Catholic Prayer Book

Thursday, November 9, 2017

UPDATED, 11/13, LWSD parents comment on the Re-Boundary Proposal

Minute 35 -- John Muir overcrowding comments

 Minute 41.10 -- Public Comments on Proposed  Re-Boundary

Hour 1:09  -- Superintendent Dr. Pierce's Boundary comments

***Hour 1:36:15 -- Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jon Holmen's Boundary presentation and Board President Dr. Chris Carlson's input.

***Hour 3:11:20 -- Superintendent - Director talk time.

Source:  November 6th School Board Meeting

The Boundary Committee is composed of 10 Principals and 8 Administrators -- no parents.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 7th local election results


55.63%  3501 ballots
Byron Shutz
43.47%  2792 ballots

61.07%  3893 ballots
Eugene Zakhareev
24.73% 2473 ballots

65.67%  4113 ballots
Jason Antonelli
34.33%  2150 ballot


KATHY LAMBERT, King County Commisioner

Results as of 8:15 pm November 7th.  
Now, as a community, let's get all those campaign signs removed!

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Candidate Jason Antonelli Speaks Out About Lack of Redmond City Council Accountability

Sammamish AM policy breach from Sammamish on Vimeo.

"Love this video -- Sammamish Council members actually holding City staff accountable. All I ever hear watching the Redmond City Council study sessions is how wonderful and peachy everything is and what a fantastic job everybody is doing." - Jason Antonelli

Source:  JasonForCouncil facebook site, October 26th