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UPDATED:  5/19/2016

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Email:  The Commissioners or Administration with your questions and comments.  

The Board of Commissioners (and Human Resources) should be applauded for hiring Bob Malte, CEO. His executive team is doing stellar work.  EvergreenHealth was named one of America's Top 100 Hospitals this year and has received numerous awards. There's still some work to be done on the governance arm of the organization to daylight government: 

1)  Video-taping and audio-taping of Regular Board Meetings is strictly prohibited.  This is in direct violation of the Open Public Meetings Act.  The Board of Commissioners, entrusted with legal oversight, are irresponsible.

2)  The Community Adviser Committee meetings are private and by invitation only.  Advisers play a critical role of providing recommendations to the Board.  There isn't an opportunity for public comment.


NAMI-Eastside holds a forum every 3rd Tuesday of the month
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Evergreen Health Medical Center, Suite Tan 100


ALERT:  The Board's expansion plans:   April 21 Press Release:  "EvergreenHealth’s Board of Commissioners approved a resolution to expand the King County Public Hospital District No. 2  (EvergreenHealth) board from five to seven commissioners at their April 20 regular public board meeting. The resolution requests that King County Elections places a proposition on the election ballot to allow the registered voters in EvergreenHealth’s district to decide on the expansion."

NOTE:  The following information was not included in the April  20 press release; it was made known only to those attending the April 20 Regular Board meeting.  I and my wife were the only citizens attending: 

 "If the proposition passes, EvergreenHealth's Board of Commissioners will appoint two interim commissioners to serve until the November, 2017 election.   In the November 2017 election, candidates will run for two new "members at large" commissioner positions. To apply for an appointment to the Board contact Laurene Burton."  

 Role and Responsibilities of Board commissioners

Few Redmond district residents know EvergreenHealth is a local government run by elected officials -- to which District residents pay a tax of $.2681/100 assessed value for "Health and Wellness" programs and debt service on a General Obligation Bond.  

In 2015, District residents were taxed $27,291,177.   $16,612,413 Regular Levy taxes went to "community health and wellness programs."  $10,678,764 was spent on General Obligation Bond Debt Service.  The Bond is funding construction projects, including the Silver Tower surgical aftercare beds and an expansion of the hospital Emergency Room.  

Do you want to have a say in how your tax dollars are spent on community health and wellness programs?  Do you have recommendations on ways the hospital can improve?  

1) Volunteer and participate in the Community Advisory Committee.  (Board appointment required).  
2) Attend 6:30pm 3rd Tuesday Regular commissioner meetings at Evergreen Physicians and Surgery Pavilion and speak your mind!   
3) Apply for an interim commissioner position in 2016 or run for one of the two new commissioner positions in the 2017 election. (pending passage on August 2 of the Proposition to increase the Board from 5 to 7 members.)  
4) The hospital has 171,173 registered voters. VOTE
5) Have coffee with your commissioner.  Comms. Al DeYoung and Jeanette Greenfield are on the committee that determines levy funded services.  Ms. Greenfield is the "member at large" and is on the Audit Committee.  Comms. Hirt and Kempf are on the Community Advisor Recruitment Committee.
6) Email:  The Commissioners and Administration.   If an email is directed to a specific Commissioner, it's possible he/she will respond.  Also, commissioners@evergreenhealthcare.org
7) Attend and comment at the annual BUDGET HEARING, 2nd Friday of November, 7am.  Board Chambers.  
8) Attend and comment at the annual AUDIT HEARING.


1)  Kirkland Steppers -- a walking program through the City of Kirkland.
2)  CHAT -- supports clients facing barriers to accessing healthcare services; needs are assessed by social workers and clients are connected to financial, social and health resources. 
3)  School partnerships -- Juanita STEM and Eastlake STEM students work on projects at the hospital
4)  Mental Health Youth -- provides funding for three school districts for Suicide Prevention and educational programs.   
5) Community Healthcare Access Team (description pending) 
6) Inpatient Hospice-- 15 beds; services King and Snohomish Counties
7) Senior Health Specialists -- advocacy for seniors
8) Northshore Senior Center Programs -- adult day health, wellness program, mental health support
9)  Community Grief and Bereavement
10) Healthline -- 24/7 nurse triage, referrals to Evergreen physicians, class registration.

Lauren Burton is the public's key contact for EvergreenHealth governance. Ms. Burton is the Public Records Officer and Governance and  Community Affairs Director.   Call Laurene at 425.899.2667.
Email: Laurene Burton.

Request information on the community "health and wellness" programs,  District Election policy and procedures, meeting agendas, public records, to reach the commissioners and staff, and to connect with the volunteer Community Advisers.  Send Laurene your community news, marketing tips and recommendations.

  • Regular Board meeting agendas are published on the Governance and Leadership page. Board meeting Minutes are posted in Public Meeting Archives.  
  • 3rd Tuesday "Regular Board Meetings" offer opportunity for the Public to comment to the commissioners and staff at 6:30PM.  Location:  Board Chambers, Evergreen Surgery and Physicians Center, #250 TAN ROOM.  
  •  Public "Study Session" in the same location is called to order on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 5:30.  The commissioners immediately adjourn for an executive session and a light meal. . The commissioners re-adjourn at 6:30 pm to attend to the public's business.  The public should attend at 6:30pm.
  • The 2nd Friday of the month is a public Educational session. Time and place unknown.  
  • Annual 2nd Friday of November BUDGET HEARING (includes Levy Budget)  7am, Board Chambers

2015 LEVY FUNDED SERVICES COMMITTEE (LFSC) is comprised of:  Commissioners DeYoung and Jeanette Greenfield.  CEO Bob Malte.  Executive Director of Governance and Community Affairs Laurene Burton,  Director of Finance Paul Fisk, Director of Strategic Planning Trisha West.

The LFSC reviews community healthcare needs and business priorities; determines levy funded services, provides levy recommendations to the Board based on community healthcare needs and the District's Strategic Plan, monitors the performance of levy funded services approved by the Board, provides an avenue of communication between the entities receiving levy funds and the Board.


Their Program Committee and Recruitment Committee is responsible for: 1) Recruiting and screening prospective advisors, 2) making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for appointments and reappointments, 3) making recommendations to the CEO and Laureen Burton for advisor programs and activities.  (The Program Committee and Recruitment Committee are one in the same.)

Up to 9 Advisor Committee members are nominated to serve three year terms on the Program Committee.  In addition, Laurene Burton and Comms. Hirt and Kempf are on the Program/Recruitment Committee.  Laurene and Comms. Hirt and Kempf are key contacts if you want to be an Advisor.
"Transparency and Participation are the Building Blocks of Good Government"

Why is open government so important? The government and administration become more transparent.  Participation increases. Open government builds trust!  Residents and taxpayers become better informed.  Better decisions are made!  Officials and administrators are held accountable.


Community Advisors:  Advisors play a critical role of citizen participation within the government and administration. The Board appoints their advisors.   Comms. Hirt and Kempf are on their Recruitment Committee.   How does the Board develop a pool residents interested in serving?     Word of mouth, staff emails and an annual press release are the only methods of notice. In spite of the Board's "two touch" involvement, meetings are private, and by invitation only.   Many residents that have interest in participating and may be highly qualified miss out.  Thus, Advisor Committee's recommendations to the Board  lack a broader diversity of thought, input and opinion.  

Photography, video recording and audio taping is strictly prohibited during public meetings. There is no public record of the entire meeting. The public is ill-informed.  The Open Public Meetings Act is violated and the Board, entrusted with legal oversight, is dis-obeying State law. (Chapter 3, Section 3.5.E of the Resource Manuel)      

Hearings:  There is an important Hearing once a year to address the commissioner's decisions on Levy funding and allocations.  There is another Hearing on the Audit.  Hearings are published in the Seattle Times but not in press releases.  This contributes to poor public turnout and participation on important levy and audit decisions. 


The following is a positive outcome from public participation: 

The Washington State Auditor (SAO) conducted a levy-focused Accountability Audit on 8/15/2011 after Bob Yoder, a taxpayer, called their hotline about an inconsistency. (State Auditor's Hotline, 1-866-902-3900.)  One of the results:  General Obligation Bond carryovers from 2004 were refunded to King County taxpayers $476,799 in 2012 as documented in Res. No. 839-11, Exhibit A-2, dated 11/11/2011. 



Mary, Leider, Public Records Officer, Washington State Auditor Office writes on 8/24/11

"This is a regular annual audit we perform for the District. I am incorporating your hotline concern [about levys] into our accountability audit scope. The audit scope is for accountability only; we plan to rely on KPMG's work for financial statements. The audit is for fiscal year 2010, ending 12/31/10. We have started the audit in early July. The expected end-date for fieldwork is mid-September...it may take a few weeks after that for an official report...the use of Levy will be incorporated as part of the annual audit." (completed, 12/2011).
-- Mary Leider, Public Records Officer, SAO. leiderm@sao.wa.gov . 360-725-5617

Following Evergreen's notification of the SAO "Accountability Audit," in the Spring, 2011 the Board took action:

The Board and Administration spent the rest of the year bolstering oversight of their levies by: 1) approving a new "Levy Committee Charter" in July 19, 2011 to identify and structure the Levy Standing Committee's purpose, composition, responsibilities and duties. 2)  invited Hazel Gantz, hazel.gantz@kingcountry.gov.  Dept. of Assessments to present preliminary levy information, and 3) Approved a Resolution re-allocating the 2011 Levy, 4) the Finance Director was released from the Levy Standing Committee and her duties at the hospital, 5) The Administrative Director was promoted to Executive Director of Governance, Community Affairs. 6) General Obligation Bond carryovers from 2004 were refunded to King County taxpayers $476,799 in 2012 6) hired a new alternate internal auditor.  The Accountability Audit was completed ~three months late, in December, 2011
  -- Sherry Chang, Assist. Audit Manager, SAO ran the audit. changs@sao.wa.gov  509-454-7848



Laurene Burton (Admin. Director; Public Records officer)  Base:  $119,073.40, Incentive: $14,014.73, Retirement Match: $7,564.28, Quarterly retirement:  $6,180.50.

Tom Martin, (Sr. VP, Strategic & Support Services, IT):  Base: $284,508.80, Incentive: $59,619.46, Retirement Match: $22,000, Quarterly Retirement $15,348,32; SERP:  $5,348.32

Chrissy Yamada (Sr VP Finance/CFO):  Base:  $324,158.24; Incentive: $68,438.82; Retirement Match: $14,322.55; Quarterly Retirement, $15,328.00, SERP (Senior Exec. Retirement Plan)  $18,973.19.

Kae Peterson (Exec. Dir. Evergreen Healthcare Foundation)  Base:  $145,589.76; Incentive: $19,139.33;  Quarterly Retirement:  $2,989.92.

Kay Taylor (VP - Marketing & Communications)  Sign-on Bonus:  $22,500;

Neil Johnson, RN

Robert Malte (CEO / Superintendent): Salary N/A.  Flexible benefits ($23,333.36 max) includes $8,000 car allowance, $2118.63 health club, Med/Dent/Vis/Life:  $5, 293.96.  Phone Stipend.  Quart. Retirement $49,000; SERP:  $50,351.71.  Base Compensation 1/1/11 - 2/10/2011 is:  $38,460.77.  Incentive:  N/A.

BOARD MEMBERS:  $114/Public Meeting (2015). The commissioners hold three public meetings: Regular Meeting, Study Session Meeting, and Informational Meeting.   


The Board provides governance and has ultimate responsibility and accountability for EvergreenHealth’s mission, vision and purpose, quality, service and overall effectiveness, through the CEO.

As a Public Hospital District Board of Commissioners has ultimate responsibility and accountability for the District, which is operated on behalf of the District's constituents. The Board provides the legal oversight to help Evergreen strive to assure access by the community to high quality medical care and related services. The Commissioners answer to District taxpayers, approve levy funding of community programs, approve other major financial decisions for the District, seek to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, hire and fire the CEO, set his pay and have many other responsibilities as provided by law.

Comm. Kempf’s term expires 12/31/2017; Comms. Hirt & Greenfield terms expire 12/31/2019; Comms. DeYoung and Pilcher expire 12/31/2021

Superintendent and CEO Bob Malte administers Board policies and levies, oversees the District’s daily operations, while managing 3,280 employees (2010).  For fiscal year 2015, the District operated on an annual budget of approximately $599 million.  Evergreen is the largest employer in Kirkland, WA.


2011 Levy "community health" expenditure news: 

$411,368 in Levy funding of the Behavioral Health program for In Patient Consultation was discontinued in 2011. As of May 10, 2011 "the Administration was looking to exploring partnerships with a third party payer.  Other pending community needs were taken into consideration."
  -- Laurene Burton, Administrative Director

"Mr. Malte recommended that $200,000 be allocated to a Community Health Initiative for partnerships with the three school districts within our Hospital District."  (LWSD, Northshore and Riverview School District)
--Laurene H. Burton, Evergreen Public Disclosure Act Officer,12/14/2010

Mr. Malte scheduled a meeting with the three local school district superintendents in the hospital district. Obesity and immunizations are possible collaboration themes. [Specific levy expenditures for this program haven't been authorized by the Hospital Commission.]
 -- Regular Board Minutes, 6/7/2011. 

Evergreen Superintendent Malte and Administrative Director Burton met with Superintendents of LWSD, Northshore, and Riverside to discuss possibilities for a common initiative to improve health in the community.  Ideas such as, sports physicals, immunizations,and health curriculum were discussed. -- August 2, 2011, Evergreen Board of Commission Minutes.


Washington State Public Hospital Association - most are only 40 beds; EvergreenHealth is the State's second largest public hospital.
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About EvergreenHealth

King County Public Hospital District No. 2, is registered with the State and Seattle Times for public noticing as "EvergreenHealth was established in 1972 to serve citizens in north King and south Snohomish counties.  It includes a 318 acute-care medical center in Kirkland.  EvergreenHealth district boundaries include Bothell, Duvall, Kenmore, Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, part of Sammamish and parts of unincorporated northeast King County.  Their 2015 operating budget was $599 million. The District’s specialties include a maternity center, a cancer center, hospice and home health care, 24-hour emergency care, a critical care unit, cardiac care and surgical services.
EvergreenHealth is an integrated health care system that serves nearly one million residents in King and Snohomish counties and offers a breadth of services and programs that is among the most comprehensive in the region. More than 1,000 physicians provide clinical excellence in over 80   specialties, including heart and vascular care, oncology, surgical care, orthopedics, neurosciences, women’s and children’s services, pulmonary care and home care and hospice services. Formed as a public hospital district in 1972, EvergreenHealth includes a 318-bed acute care medical center in Kirkland, a network of 10 primary care practices, two urgent care centers, over two dozen specialty care practices and 24/7 emergency care at its Kirkland, Monroe, and Redmond campuses. In 2015, the system  expanded to include EvergreenHealth Monroe – an accredited, full-service 74-bed public hospital district, established in 1960 in Monroe, Washington. EvergreenHealth has clinical and strategic partnerships with several health care entities, including Virginia Mason, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and dozens of independent practices that are part of the clinically integrated EvergreenHealth Partners network and  the Puget Sound High Value Network. In addition to clinical care, EvergreenHealth offers extensive community health outreach and education programs, anchored by the 24/7 EvergreenHealth Nurse Navigator & Healthline.
In 2016, EvergreenHealth achieved its seventh designation (2009-2012, and 2014-2016) as a Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence from Healthgrades®, placing it among the top 5 percent of hospitals nationwide, based on its outstanding clinical performance; and was named one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals® by Truven Health Analytics™ in the “Large Community Hospitals” category for outstanding achievements in patient care, operational efficiency and financial strength.
For more information, visit www.evergreenhealth.com.


Steve Birge, King County Ombudsman, Steve.Birge@kingcounty.gov

Tim Ford
Open Government Ombudsman
Assistant Attorney General for Government Accountability, State of Washington

Attorney General of Washington
1125 Washington St, SE
Olympia, WA 98504
(360) 586-4802

HOSPITAL LEVY  RCW 84.52.069  RCW 70.44.0606  allows  .50/1000 by vote of the people.