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In my opinion, only about 95% of the public knows that Evergreen Health is run by elected officials and is a local government and that District citizens pay property tax to Evergreen.   

Less than 2500 citizens received Hands Only CPR training last year from Evergreen Health.  Perhaps EvergreenHealth can spend more of their $15,822,629 annual levy dollars on Hands Only CPR community training and other community health and wellness programs.  The district services 400,000 residents and over 155,000 taxpayers. 

The Benefits Taxpayers receive from Evergreen Health, Nov. 18, 2012  http://redmondcity.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-benefits-taxpayers-receive-from.html

Under the Malte Administrtion Evergreen Healthcare refreshed their brand name to Evergreen Health in celebration of 40 years community service to residents of seven cities and three school districts.

EvergreenHealth governance is run by five elected officials who set policy on an annual "Regular Propety Tax Levy" to fund growth and community health and a voter-approved General Obligation Bond(s) to fund construction projects.  Contact the commissioners at:  commissioners@evergreenhealthcare.org.  The commissioners meet with the Administration on the third Tuesday of the month for the Board's "Regular" Meeting, at which the Board takes official action on matters before it.  THIS IS THE MEETING WHERE THEY TAKE "PUBLIC COMMENT".  The meeting is held at 6:30 in the Room Tan 250 room of the Evergreen Surgery and Physicians Center.  Their governance web page is:  https://www.evergreenhealth.com/about_evergreen/governance_leadership

In the 2011 budget year, 26% of levy dollars went towards community services and 74% went towards debt service for growth costs.  A 20-year Bond approved in 2004 pays construction debt for the Evergreen Hospital Emergency Department expansion and in-patient beds of the Silver Tower.    

Key governance links on the Evergreen Health site are, as follows:  

King County Public Hospital District No. 2, registered with the State and Seattle Times for public noticing as "EvergreenHealth" was established in 1972 to serve citizens in north King and south Snohomish counties.  Registered voters in District number 155,154 (2010).  Serving more than 400,000 citizens every year, the District operates a 290-bed hospital and a network of primary and urgent care centers.  Evergreen Healthcare district boundaries include Bothell, Duvall, Kenmore, Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, part of Sammamish and parts of unincorporated northeast King County.  The District’s specialties include a maternity center, a cancer center, hospice and home health care, 24-hour emergency care, a critical care unit, cardiac care and surgical services.


As a Public Hospital District Board of Commissioners has ultimate responsibility and accountability for the District, which is operated on behalf of the District's constituents. The Board provides the legal oversight to help Evergreen strive to assure access by the community to high quality medical care and related services. The Commissioners approve major financial decisions for the District, seek to ensure compliance with laws and regulations, hire and fire the CEO, set his pay and have many other responsibilities as provided by law.

Superintendent (and CEO) Bob Malte administers Board policies and levies, oversees the District’s daily operations, while managing 3,280 employees. For fiscal year 2010, the District operated on an annual budget of approximately $389 million.  Evergreen is the largest employer in Kirkland, WA.

BOARD OF COMMISSIONERSFive Board Members elected in staggered six-year terms.  Commissioner Greenfield and Al DeYoung sits on the Levy Charter Committee.  Each commissioner is paid $104/day or part day, devoted to district business.

BOARD MINUTES AND MEETING SCHEDULE (scroll page).  The Public is invited to comment on the third Tuesday of the Month at 6:30PM.  Location:  Physicians & Surgeons Building, Tan 250.

CONTACT:  Laurene H.Burton for:   public record requests, questions about the Regular Levy, Bond Levy, Annual Budget Hearing in November, Annual Meeting in January, Annual Levy Meeting in July,  Meetng Agendas, Resolutions, and to contact the Commissioners and Community Advisers


Washington State Auditor's Office (SAO) 2010-2011 Accountability Audit Results: 
*The SAO conducted a levy-focused Accountability Audit on 8/15/2011 after Bob Yoder, a taxpayer, called their hotline about an inconsistency. (State Auditor's Hotline, 1-866-902-3900.)  One of the results:  $476,799 levy monies are refunded to King County as documented in Res. No. 839-11, Exhibit A-2, dated 11/11/2011.  - B. Yoder, RNB

Following Evergreen's *notification of the State Auditor's Office "Accountability Audit," in the Spring, 2011:

The Board and Administration spent the rest of the year bolstering oversight of their levies by: 1) approving a new "Levy Committee Charter" in July 19, 2011 to identify and structure the Levy Standing Committee's purpose, composition, responsibilities and duties. 2)  invited Hazel Gantz, hazel.gantz@kingcountry.gov.  Dept. of Assessments to present preliminary levy information, and 3) Approved a Resolution re-allocating the 2011 Levy, 4) released Finance Director Allgood from the Levy Standing Committee and her duties, 5) refunded to King County taxpayers $476,799 in  General Obligation Bond carryovers from 2004. 6) established a new alternate internal auditor.  The Accountability Audit was completed ~three months late, in December, 2011
  -- Sherry Chang, Assist. Audit Manager, SAO ran the audit. changs@sao.wa.gov  509-454-7848

EvergreenHealth Monitor, Spring, 2012 - Launches: 1) new name, 2) new LOGO, 3) new colors
Evergreen Healthcare 2010 Community Report:  "Keeping Promises:  Stories of Hope and Healing"
Evergreen Healthcare 2009 Community Report  (only distributed online 'to save paper, green-friendly')

The Board wrote up an Audit and Finance Committee Charter in 12/21/2010 in response to public observation.  It was revised twice in 2012 to:  "provide an avenue of communication amoung the exterenal auditor, state auditor, managament and internal auditing departments and the Board.'  Detailed Compensation and Retirement monitoring plans are drawn out. 

2011 "HEALTH GRADES" RATINGS AND AWARDS Find local local Doctors, Hospitals, Nursing Homes in your area. 
"Evergreen Hospital has 8 HealthGrade Awards in 2011 - How does Evergreen Rate?" 

Excessive Use of Emergency Rooms Hit Home, 4/12
Evergreen Board approves 2012 budget - approves $476,000 bond levy refund
UPDATED OPINION: Evergreen Hospital Commissioner incumbent August Kempf copes with multiple State audits, October 2, 2011 Mr. Kempf took over 98% of the vote in this election despite.
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ER wait times LIVE on Overlake Medical Center website - don't be fooled.  Overlake Urgent Care physicians and P.A.'s are the primary users of this "service."  It's their tool to encourage and direct their designated "at risk" patients to go right-away to their hospital ER.   

Read all RNB stories on free-standing Emergency Rooms (ER) here.

August 2, Evergreen Superintendent Malte and Admin. Dir. Burton met with Superintendents of LWSD, Northshore, and Riverside to discuss possibilities for a common initiative to improve health in the community.  Ideas such as, sports physicals, immunizations,and health curriculum were discussed. -- August 2, 2011, Evergreen Board of Commission Minutes. 

The Regular Propery Levy was increased 2.1% in 2013 to $15,822,629.  69.24% of levy monies were allocated to debt retirement.  30.76% allocated to community health and wellness.  Over $500,000 was allocated to Community Monitor and senior clinics. 


Of the 2011 Regular Levy, 84% is spent on debt service to fund growth and 16% on community health. A 20-Year General Obligation Bond approved by voters in 2004 will mature in 2023.  2012 funding is as follows:
I. 2012 Regular Property Tax Levy increased 1% from 2011 to $15,285,968*.  74% of the regular levy was spent to pay off debt service for growth.  26% was paid for community health and wellness programs.  *unadjusted for true property tax.

II.  2012 General Obligation Bond ("Excess Levy") totaled $9,242,180.  100% of the bond levy was used to pay debt service to pay down $112.7M of the general obligation bonds issued on 11/10/2004 to  fund expansion of the Hospital emergency department and build the Silver Tower surgical aftercare beds.

TOTAL 2012 LEVY MONIES SPENT COLLECTED WAS $24,528,148.  16% or $3,924,503 was spent on community health and wellness programs.  The remaining $20,603,645 was spent expanding the hospital emergency department, building the Silver Tower surgical aftercare beds and general construction e.g. Redmond ER, Woodinville Urgent Care.

2012 NET REVENUES:  $460,839,000
2012 TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES:  $442,270,000
2012 GENERAL OBLIGATION BOND CARRYOVER:  $476,799 (Refunded to King County, 2012 after SAO Accountability Audit)

Of the total 2011 Levys, 84% is spent on debt service to fund growth and 16% for community health.

I. 2011 Regular Property Tax Levy increased 2.1% from 2010 to $15,261,433. 74% of levy paid off Debt service and 26% for Community Health & Wellness programs. The Administration and Commission didn't account for their levy expenditures by category.

II. The 2011 General Obligation Bond (Excess Levy) totals $9,239,943. 100% is used to pay down $112.7M general obligation bonds issued on 11/10/2004 to fund construction of the hospital's expanded Emergency Department and Silver Tower (for hospital beds).

TOTAL 2011 LEVY MONIES COLLECTED WAS $24,501,376.   Of that, $20,533,351 (84%) was used for debt service on construction of the Hospital Emergency Department, Silver Tower hospital beds, and other growth projects.  The remaining $3,968,025 (16%) levy was spent on "community health and wellness care".  Commissioner Jeanette D. Greenfield is on the 2011 Levy Standing Committee.

2011 NET REVENUES $455,135,000


I.  2010 Regular Property Tax Levy increased 1.7% over the 2009 Regular Property Tax Levy. The 2010 Property Tax increased $280,056-- from $14,633,946 in 2009 to $14,914,002 in 2010.

II.  The 2010 General Obligation Bond (Excess levy) approved by voters on May 18, 2004 is $9,239,943. Source: Resolution No. 827-09, 11/13/2009.  This bond levy pays off  $112.7M General Obligation Bonds issued in 2004 to fund construction of the Hospital Emergency Department expansion and Silver Tower after-surgery beds.   TOTAL 2010 levy monies collected is $24,153,945. 

2010 NET REVENUES:   $433,922,000.
2010 TOTAL OPERATING FUNDS:  $427,336,000.


2011 Levy "community health" expenditure news: 

$411,368 in Levy funding of the Behavioral Health program for In Patient Consultation was discontinued in 2011. As of May 10, 2011 "the Administration is looking to exploring partnerships with a third party payer.  Other pending community needs were taken into consideration."
  -- Laurene Burton, Administrative Director, CEO Bob Malte and  I conversed on the Levy Behavioral Health program briefly on 5/02/2011.  This information was announced in the 2010 Annual Budget meeting.

"Mr. Malte recommended that $200,000 be allocated to a Community Health Initiative [for partnerships] with the three school districts within our Hospital District."  (LWSD, Northshore and Riverview School District)  
--Laurene H. Burton, Evergreen Public Disclosure Act Officer,12/14/2010

Mr. Malte scheduled a meeting with the three local school district superintendents in the hospital district. Obesity and immunizations are possible collaboration themes. [Specific levy expenditures for this program haven't been authorized by the Hospital Commission.]
 -- Regular Board Minutes, 6/7/2011.  

Washington State Public Hospital Association - most are only 40 beds; Evergreen is the largest hospital ctr.  Valley Medical Center, Renton, WA. is second largest.  (Valley M.C. video tapes their public meetings and archive on their website.  Evergreen doesn't allow media to take pictures during meetings.)

BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS:  commissioners@evergreenhealthcare.org
Administration:  425.899.2621   General Info:  425-899-1000  
Each Commissioner serves a six year term. Term expiration:
Auggie Kempf - 2017  
Rebecca Hirt - 2013
Jeanette Greenfield, Secretary - 2013
Al DeYoung, President - 2015
Chuck Pilcher - 2015 

LEVY STANDING COMMITTEE:  Finance Director Libby Allgood departed 2011, Dee Aust,  Chrissey Yamada (ccyamada), Trisha West (twest), Laureen Burton, Superintendent Bob Malte,  Commissioner and Board Secretary Jeanette Greenfield.  (2011).

HOSPITAL LEVY  RCW 84.52.069  RCW 70.44.0606  allows  .50/1000 by vote of the people.



The Public is invited to speak during the Regular Meeting at 6:30 p.m. The Regular Meeting is held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month in the "Public Meeting Room" of Evergreen Hospital.  Sign-in at the door.  The Public Meeting Room (commissioner chambers) is located at Evergreen Hospital in the Evergreen Surgery and Physician Center, # Tan Room 250.  The Commission President runs the meetings.

The Public "Study Session" is called to order on the 1st Tuesday of the month at 5:30.  The commissioners immediately adjourn for an executive session and a light meal.   The commissioners re-adjourn at 6:30 pm to attend to the public's business.  Public is advised to attend at 6:30 pm.

Minutes of the Regular Meeting and Study Sessions are currently the only public record of Commission  meetings.  Public Meetings are not audio-taped for the record with the possible exception of Hearings.   Photography, video recording and audio taping are strictly prohibited during meetings.  Meeting agendas aren't available to the public at meetings or hearings unless requested.  Meeting Minutes are online as of 11/2010, but meeting "Packets" used by the Board during meetings are not provided upon request.  Approved Minutes are ~ 4-6 weeks old and are posted on the Leadership page of the website. 

Washington State Assistant Attorney General Tim Ford's "open government" policy is:  "Citizens have a right to record and take photography during LIVE public meetings; and that draft Minutes should be made available to the public immediately after public meetings." 2011. 

Evergreen Medical Center Redmond ER gets good reviews, 5/27/11
REVIEW:  Our first experience with Evergreen Medical Center/Redmond, 5/8/11
Evergreen is a King County Public Hospital 
Constantine Signs Order Reaffirming Public Access to King County's Public Records
Seattle/Local Health Guide
 King County Council endorses Health Care Reform package


Laurene Burton (Admin. Director; Public Records)  Base:  $119,073.40, Incentive: $14,014.73, Retirement Match: $7,564.28, Quarterly retirement:  $6,180.50. 
Tom Martin, (Sr. VP, Strategic & Support Services, IT):  Base: $284,508.80, Incentive: $59,619.46, Retirement Match: $22,000, Quarterly Retirement $15,348,32; SERP:  $5,348.32
Chrissy Yamada (Sr VP Finance/CFO):  Base:  $324,158.24; Incentive: $68,438.82; Retirement Match: $14,322.55; Quarterly Retirement, $15,328.00, SERP (Senior Exec. Retirement Plan)  $18,973.19. 
Kae Peterson (Exec. Dir. Evergreen Healthcare Foundation)  Base:  $145,589.76; Incentive: $19,139.33;  Quarterly Retirement:  $2,989.92. 
Kay Taylor (VP - Marketing & Communications)  Sign-on Bonus:  $22,500;
Robert Malte (CEO / Superintendent):  Flexible benefits ($23,333.36 max) includes $8,000 car allowance, $2118.63 health club, Med/Dent/Vis/Life:  $5, 293.96.  Phone Stipend.  Quart. Retirement $49,000; SERP:  $50,351.71.  Base Compensation 1/1/11 - 2/10/2011 is:  $38,460.77.  Incentive:  N/A. 

Audio and video-taping and photography of public meetings - by the media or public - is strictly prohibited by the Administration.  The Commission has taken no action.  

Steve Birge, King County Ombudsman, Steve.Birge@kingcounty.gov

Tim Ford
Open Government Ombudsman
Assistant Attorney General for Government Accountability, State of Washington

According to Tim Ford, video taping, tape recording and photographs by the public are permitted, but he Commission and Administration doesn't allow any photography during live meetings or tape recording.  Regular and Study Session meetings are not audio-taped for accuracy and clarity, according to Laureen Burton.  Meeting packets have not been made available upon request.  5/29/11

Attorney General of Washington
1125 Washington St, SE
Olympia, WA 98504
(360) 586-4802

Mary, Leider, Public Records Officer, Washington State Auditor Office writes on 8/24/11

"This is a regular annual audit we perform for the District. I am incorporating your hotline concern [about levys] into our accountability audit scope. The audit scope is for accountability only; we plan to rely on KPMG's work for financial statements. The audit is for fiscal year 2010, ending 12/31/10. We have started the audit in early July. The expected end-date for fieldwork is mid-September...it may take a few weeks after that for an official report...the use of Levy will be incorporated as part of the annual audit." (completed, 12/2011).
-- Mary Leider, Public Records Officer, SAO. leiderm@sao.wa.gov . 360-725-5617