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Email:  The Administration with your questions, comments or complaints.  The Board of Commissioners doesn't respond to emails.  Kay Taylor, Public Relations oversees complaints. Laurene Burton is the public's key contact for governance, public records and community affaires.  Call Laurene at 425-899-2662 or email her directly. 
The Board of Commissioners is in the process of expanding from 5 members to 7.   
 If the proposition to expand from 5 members to 7 members passes on August 2, 2016, EvergreenHealth's Board of Commissioners will appoint by September, two interim commissioners to serve until the November, 2017 election.  In the November 2017 election, candidates will run for two new "members at large" commissioner positions. To apply for an appointment to the Board contact Laurene Burton." 

In 2015 the Board of Commissioners were compensated quite well.
Position 1  $27869.22
Position 5  $16,845.84
Position 2  $19,890.78
Position 3 $24,350.20
Position 4 $27,869.25 

The Board of Commissioners (and Human Resource consultants) should be applauded for hiring Bob Malte, CEO.  EvergreenHealth was named one of America's Top 100 Community Hospitals in 2016 and has received other numerous regional and national awards.  As you will see, there's still work to be done on the governance arm of the organization to daylight government and improve citizen participation: 

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  • Board of Commissioners
  • Leadership Team (executive staff)
  • Public Meetings Schedule -- Regular (public comment), Study Sessions, Educational Sessions
  • Public Meetings Location:  Tan 250
  • Email (questions, comments, complaints)
  • Community Advisors (on the sidebar)
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Role and Responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners

Few Redmond district residents know EvergreenHealth is a local government run by elected officials -- to which District residents pay a tax of $.2681/100 assessed value for Health and Wellness programs and services and debt service on a General Obligation Bond.  

In 2015, District residents were taxed $16,612,413.  $5,933,649  Regular Levy taxes went to "community health and wellness programs and services."  $10,678,764 was spent on General Obligation Bond Debt Service.  The Bond is funding construction projects, including the Silver Tower surgical aftercare beds and an expansion of the hospital Emergency Room.  

NAMI-Eastside holds a forum every 3rd Tuesday of the month
7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.
Evergreen Health Medical Center, Suite Tan 100

Seven Committees Make Recommendations to The Board as a Whole.  Currently they're not published on the website.

2015 LEVY FUNDED SERVICES COMMITTEE (LFSC) Biannual Meetings.  Comprised of:  Commissioners DeYoung and Jeanette Greenfield.  CEO Bob Malte, Laurene Burton,  Director of Finance Paul Fisk, and Director of Strategic Planning Trisha West. There are no Advisors on this committee.  This committee works closely with the Audit/Finance/Retirement committee.

The LFSC reviews community healthcare needs and business priorities; determines levy funded services, provides levy recommendations to the Board based on community healthcare needs and the District's Strategic Plan, monitors the performance of levy funded services approved by the Board, provides an avenue of communication between the entities receiving levy funds and the Board.

AUDIT/FINANCE/COMPENSATION COMMITTEE:  Monthly Meetings:  2 Community Advisors, Comms. Kempf and Chair Greenfield, CEO,CFO,COO

BOARD  QUALITY AND SAFETY COMMITTEE:  Monthly Meetings. This is the most critical committee to the community. Comprised of:  3 Community Advisors, Comms. Hirt and Pilcher, CEO, COO, EHM (Chief Quality Officer), CNO, CMO, VP Human Resources, Dir. of Risk Management, Quality Department, 4 doctors.

CONSTRUCTION & PLANNING COMMITTEE:  Montly Meetings.  3 Community Advisors, Comms. DeYoung and Pilcher, CEO, COO,CFO, CMO, CAO,VP Planning, VP Marketing

DIGITAL HEALTH INNOVATION TECHNOLOGY ADVISORY COMMITTEE  Quarterly Meetings. (under review) This committee is forming this year.  Comm. Pilcher and 5 community advisors are on the committee. Staff:  CEO, V.P Planning, Jeff Tomlin, MD,  three nurses, 4 other doctors.

Comms. Greenfield and Rebecca Hirt, CEO, Fitzgerald (lawyer), Laurene Burton

COMMUNITY ADVISOR PROGRAM COMMITTEE, Meet Quarterly, 9 Advisors, Laurene Burton, Melissa Waddell.

According to Ms. Burton, the Community Advisor Committee serves as a "focus group" for the hospital. The Advisor "Program Committee" / "Recruitment Committee" is responsible for: 1) Recruiting and screening prospective advisors, 2) making recommendations to the Board of Commissioners for appointments and reappointments, 3) making recommendations to the CEO and Laureen Burton for advisor programs and activities.  (The Program Committee and Recruitment Committee are one in the same.)

Up to 9 Advisor Committee members are nominated to serve three year terms on the Program Committee.  Laurene,  the Commsissioners and Advisors are key contacts if you want to be an Advisor.

A total of 22 community advisors are on 7 committees.  There are 36 members on the Committee of the Whole.

"Transparency and Participation are the Building Blocks of Good Government" 

Why is open government so important? The government and administration become more transparent.  Participation increases. Open government builds trust!  Residents and taxpayers become better informed.  Better decisions are made!  Officials and administrators are held accountable.


In 2011, I found a significant government flaw.  I've archived it in my personal file if anyone wants to see it. Since then, the Malte Administration has worked diligently to build trust.

Four additional items limit citizen participation but I've decided they're meaningless.  Contact me at redmondblog@gmail.com if you're interested.

Executive compensation is never reviewed by the public unless by public record request. Out of discretion I've decided not to publish compensation.

Two more significant flaws remain:

Communication:   No two-way communication channel between the Community-At-Large (171,173 registered voters.) and the Commissioners. No. Emails.  No phone calls.  Public comments at Regular meetings are one-way.  It's possible you could say hi to a commissioner before a public meeting and make an appointment for lunch or coffee.

Community Advisors Advisors play a critical role of citizen participation within the government and administration. 22 advisors participate with select Board members and hospital executives on six committees to make recommendations to the Board. A Planning Committee of 9 Advisors, two Commissioners and two staff members make recommendations to the Board quarterly.

The Advisor "Committee-of-the-Whole" meets 9 times annually. These Community Advisor Committee meetings are private and by invitation only.  Those few invited make presentations. Though very few citizens would likely attend, opening Advisor Committee meetings to the public would be healthy for the system.


 in 2015, 63% of the operating budget was dedicated to labor and benefit costs. The 2015 operating budget was $599,000,000.  Source: Public Record Request
        About EvergreenHealth

Tagline on all Evergreen Health external correspondence:  
EvergreenHealth is an integrated health care system that serves nearly one million residents in King and Snohomish counties and offers a breadth of services and programs that is among the most comprehensive in the region. More than 1,000 physicians provide clinical excellence in over 80   specialties, including heart and vascular care, oncology, surgical care, orthopedics, neurosciences, women’s and children’s services, pulmonary care and home care and hospice services. Formed as a public hospital district in 1972, EvergreenHealth includes a 318-bed acute care medical center in Kirkland, a network of 10 primary care practices, two urgent care centers, over two dozen specialty care practices and 24/7 emergency care at its Kirkland, Monroe, and Redmond campuses. In 2015, the system  expanded to include EvergreenHealth Monroe – an accredited, full-service 74-bed public hospital district, established in 1960 in Monroe, Washington. EvergreenHealth has clinical and strategic partnerships with several health care entities, including Virginia Mason, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and dozens of independent practices that are part of the clinically integrated EvergreenHealth Partners network and  the Puget Sound High Value Network. In addition to clinical care, EvergreenHealth offers extensive community health outreach and education programs, anchored by the 24/7 EvergreenHealth Nurse Navigator & Healthline.
In 2016, EvergreenHealth achieved its seventh designation (2009-2012, and 2014-2016) as a Distinguished Hospital for Clinical Excellence from Healthgrades®, placing it among the top 5 percent of hospitals nationwide, based on its outstanding clinical performance; and was named one of the nation’s 100 Top Hospitals® by Truven Health Analytics™ in the “Large Community Hospitals” category for outstanding achievements in patient care, operational efficiency and financial strength.
For more information, visit www.evergreenhealth.com.