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Friday, August 5, 2011

UPDATED: Redmond Council passes Resolution endorsing Proposition 1: "Veterans and Human Service Levy"

King County Veteran with his family

UPDATED:  In their July 12 meeting, Redmond Council voted on Resolution No. 1363 to support and endorse King County Proposition 1, a 6-year "Veterans and Human Service Levy" renewing and replacing the expiring Levy. After five council members discussed their positions, Council passed the resolution 6-1 (David Carson - opposing).

Bellevue and Kirkland city councils
passed resolutions earlier endorsing the Levy.

In the 2011 August election, county residents will vote on Prop. 1.  The 2011 levy is 5 cents/ $1000 of assessed property value, or $20 in 2012 for the average-priced $400,000 home in King County. A CPI capped-measure is built into the Levy.  Read More >>

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mood Disorders In Women

NAMI-Eastside, National Alliance on Mental Illness - Forum On "Mood Disorders In Women"

Presents An Educational Forum On “Mood Disorders In Women”
Guest: Ioana Diaconu, MD
Date: Tuesday, February 15, 2011, 7 PM - 9 PM

Location: Evergreen Hospital, Suite Tan 100, 12303 NE 130th Lane
Kirkland, WA 98034
Forum is free. 

Dr. Diaconu is an attending psychiatrist at Fairfax Hospital in Kirkland and the Medical Director of the Hospitalization Program. Her outpatient practice has a strong focus on addressing mood disorders, anxiety and trauma in adults, as well as women’s issues. She will talk about the diversity and complexity of problems associated with mood disorders in women.

For more information:, , 425-885-6264

Pamela Schulenburg
NAMI-Eastside Volunteer
NAMI Eastside is located in "The Together Center"
16315 NE 87th Street, Suite B-4, \
Redmond, WA 98052

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Youth Eastside Services (YES) Counselor Describes Drug Trends

On Saturday, November 20, some 45 people gathered at YES for a workshop on Drug Awareness and Prevention. "The best prevention is being involved with your kid and educated about what drugs they may come across," said Noble Erickson, a substance abuse counselor at YES and the workshop leader. "It's equally important to let your kids know you won't tolerate alcohol or substance abuse of any kind and set clear consequences," she added.

Following are some drug trends Noble shared at the class:  Read more...


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

UPDATED: Please Vote NO on I-1100 and I-1105.

Drop off your ballot at City Hall !
UPDATED OPINION:  The City Council and Mayor worked their tails off last night - for over three hours.  A Budget Hearing took up a lot of their time.  (The final Budget Hearing is November 16).
Over six human services organizations lined up to request funds or thank Mayor Marchione for funds budgeted. Every presentation stirred emotions and elicited concerns. The one that touched me the most was Therapeutic Health Services (THS). They treat folks with severe drug, alcohol and mental illness. My younger brother, Rick, had all three, including prescription drug addiction, and died in his 40's.

Manager Joellen of THS rattled off some startling statistics:  A least 10% of the general population is afflicted with either mental illness or drug abuse (or both). Mothers Against Drunken Drivers say every 45 minutes someone is killed by a drunk; and for every one DWI conviction, the violator will have driven an average of 87 times without getting caught.

So how does the Council help fund these human services to treat the afflicted and get them safely back to a normal life?   One citizen*  recommended eliminating the 1% Cost of Living increase ($680,000) that's budgeted for 624 city staff -- to help fund requests (and keep down property taxes.)  This election offers another possible source of funding:  If voters defeat state liquor store privatization measures I-1100 and I-1105 the city will  save over $350,000 in tax revenue/year. 

I've lived in New York, Florida, Ohio, and Arizona where liquor sales were privatized and a bottle could be had at any street corner; please not here. The TV ads show giggling, liquor-toting youth, jumping into cars after tricking convenience stores into a sale. Yes, my brother would remember these times, if he were alive.

Please vote NO on I-1100 and I-1105.

Opinion By Bob Yoder*
CC:  Council
Letter to:  Redmond Reporter

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get the School Year Off to a Good Start

Past Chair Beth Angelo of LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group passed the torch this year to Julie Shalaby.  This is one of many informative pieces from the recent LWSD PTSA Special Needs Yahoo News Group distributed by Julie Shalaby.

Get the School Year Off to a Good Start (Wrightslaw)

10 Tips for a Successful School Year:  Parents and kids are anxious about return to school. Click this link for 10 tips from Advocate Pat Howey, to help you get off to a good start at the beginning of the new school year.

Parents & Kids: Rise and Shine:  What can you do before your children walk out the door to help them feel they can conquer anything? Making a few simple changes before the bus arrives can have a big impact on how your children handle events at school.

No-nonsense pointers from Jackie Igafo-T'eo:
to help you remove a large portion of the last-minute stress that comes with every weekday morning.  Click here for “9 ways to boost your child’s attitude before the bus arrives.”

Back to School Tips & Supplies - for Parents
Have you made contact with school staff, including the school nurse? Do you have a baseline picture of your child for the beginning of the school year? Are you prepared to monitor progress? Are you aware of the newest federal regulations about parental consent?

Click here for back to school tips by Lisa Krizman, Esq.

Friday, April 23, 2010

"Last Saturday" Special Needs Matinee

On the last Saturday of each month, the North Bend Theatre is proud to offer a Special Needs Movie matinee for families with children with special needs.  The next matinee is Saturday, April 24, 11 am - 1pm. 

The lights in the auditorium will be on and the volume will be lowered to make this an event the entire family can enjoy.  $5.00/person. Location: North Bend Theater, 125 Bendigo Boulevard North, North Bend. Phone: 425.888.1232

By Beth Angelo
Chairperson, LWSD PTSA Special Needs

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hot off the press! Toys 4 Tots!

Hot off the press!
Any child that receives any kind of benefits from DSHS (Food Assistance, Medical Assistance, Cash Grant, Child Care) can receive a toy from the Toys 4 Tots Program.
Families can go to a DSHS office between 9:00am and 4:00pm on the date listed below to receive a toy.
Monday December 21, 2009
King North CSO: 907 NW Ballard Way Seattle, WA
Auburn CSO: 810 28th NE Auburn, WA
White Center CSO: 9650 15th Ave SW Seattle, WA
by Beth Angelo
Chairperson for the LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Volunteers Needed to Work With Children in Schools

My Lunch Buddy, Dallas
LINKS (Looking Into the Needs of Kids and Schools) is a volunteer program of the Lake Washington School District (LWSD).
With the school year well underway, the need for LINKS mentors, academic support and Lunch Buddies in our schools is growing.  LINKS has 70 open requests for academic and social mentors district wide.

Do you have one hour each week to act as positive role model?  If so, LINKS has a place for you!
To learn more about how you can help, contact Nanci Wehr at  or (425) 702-3410.

Nanci Wehr

*photo of Dallas on BMX bike approved by parent

LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group

"If you would like to be part of the LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group email distribution list, please contact the Chairperson, Beth Angelo  and she will add you to this private list. You will then receive resource and meeting info emails."

posted by Bob Yoder

Friday, April 3, 2009

UPDATED: Scoutmaster mom writes about successfull Cub Scout food drive

On March 14th the Sammamish Trails District of the Boy Scouts of America collected over 20,000 items for the Redmond and Kirkland food banks. Annually this event, known as Scouting for Food, makes an important impact for communities across the country. This year with hard economic times upon us the need is even greater. The Sammamish Trails District had over 300 Scouts with the assistance of over 200 adults collect this food in just one day. Most importantly the Scouts would like to thank our friends and neighbors for making these donations that made this event a success.

For more information about Boy Scouts contact the Sammamish Trails District Chair, Lisa Wylie at 425 868-5104. How to Join Scouting!

CUB SCOUT PACKS 591 AND 557 had a busy food drive for Hopelink!


The photos above are from our Cub Packs (557 and 591) as we collected our items, sorted and delivered to HopeLink.

The Redmond and Kirkland Cubs and Boy Scouts participated. Cub Scout Packs 591 (Redmond) & 557 (Kirkland) put flyers out the first weekend in March and collected the donated food the 2nd weekend in March. They then sorted the food into bags of 10 items (for ease of counting) and we deliver them to the local food banks (in Redmond's case we deliver to Hopelink across from Jack in the Box). The Boy Scout Troops take shifts and sort out the donated food into the food bank designated areas for local families to use.

Cub ScoutMaster Pack 591

ATTN: Eastside Cub and Boy Scout troups and prospective scouts.

Meeting places and contacts for all Eastside troops in the Sammamish Trails District are here! And....

Redmond Parks & Recreation has teamed up with the professional naturalist staff Nature Vision Inc., a local nature education non-profit organization, to offer scouting organizations a way to use Redmond parks for scouts to get badge work accomplished. The following is a list of offered programs.

• Animal Science, Farrel-McWhirter Park
• Bird Study, Redmond Watershed Park
• Environmental Science, Redmond Watershed Park
• Fish and Wildlife Management, Idylwood Park
• Forestry, Redmond Watershed Park
• Mammal Study, Redmond Watershed Preserve loot
• Nature, Redmond Watershed Preserve
• Soil and Water Conservation, Farrel-McWhirter Park

Cost: $125
Group Size: Up to 30 children with a minimum of 2 adults
Age: 1st-6th graders.
Program Length: 1 hour
Scout groups may register for any of these Scout Link programs by visiting or by calling 425-836-2697.