Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Get the School Year Off to a Good Start

Past Chair Beth Angelo of LWSD PTSA Special Needs Group passed the torch this year to Julie Shalaby.  This is one of many informative pieces from the recent LWSD PTSA Special Needs Yahoo News Group distributed by Julie Shalaby.

Get the School Year Off to a Good Start (Wrightslaw)

10 Tips for a Successful School Year:  Parents and kids are anxious about return to school. Click this link for 10 tips from Advocate Pat Howey, to help you get off to a good start at the beginning of the new school year.

Parents & Kids: Rise and Shine:  What can you do before your children walk out the door to help them feel they can conquer anything? Making a few simple changes before the bus arrives can have a big impact on how your children handle events at school.

No-nonsense pointers from Jackie Igafo-T'eo:
to help you remove a large portion of the last-minute stress that comes with every weekday morning.  Click here for “9 ways to boost your child’s attitude before the bus arrives.”

Back to School Tips & Supplies - for Parents
Have you made contact with school staff, including the school nurse? Do you have a baseline picture of your child for the beginning of the school year? Are you prepared to monitor progress? Are you aware of the newest federal regulations about parental consent?

Click here for back to school tips by Lisa Krizman, Esq.

Will Your Child Need Extra Help This Year?  Registering a child for school usually means showing up with a birth certificate, proof of residence and basic medical records. Five minutes, and you're done. But for kids who need special education ...that process is much more complicated.Read the Washington Post article, How to Get the Extra Help Your Child Needs , with suggestions from Pete and Pam Wright and other experts in special education."

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