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Updated:  4/23/16

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The city hit a home run when they installed colorful holiday lights on Leary Way street trees!  Absolutely beautiful!

ALERT:  Historic Core is being examined by the Public and Planning Commission

The "Old Town" Downtown Core needs rehabilitation

The need for higher and better purposes for the Old Town Downtown neighborhood were discussed at a  September city council/mayoral study session.

Leary Way is at the heart of Old Town which is delineated by Cleveland Street, Redmond Way to Gilman and 164th Avenue. Sixteen landmark buildings, 40 years and older, occupy this historic district.     David Scott Meade, Chair of Redmond's Design Review Board, commented on Leary Way at the Council meeting, as follows:

"We are working on new guidelines and standards. I'd like to wrap my arms around the historic district and create an envelope of landscaping, hanging pots, street furniture, paving scapes, and opportunities to promote the businesses and structures that exist here now. I'd like to see a higher and better purposes so we can enjoy them for the next 100 years."  
Miguel Llanos, Landmarks Commissioner said  "There's a Master Plan for the Downtown Park but not for Old Town. Old Town is a vibrant district that uses it's history to make it different from the rest of Redmond and other parts of the Eastside." He ran down a list of Old Town signature historic buildings that contribute energy to the downtown core: The Matador, Redmond Sports Bar, Half Price Books, Brown's Garage Liquor Store.

Miguel suggested a guided tour of the vacant second floor of the Pho Restaurant  on Leary- once an historic hotel. "We need to reach out to Old Town tenants and landowners, like the Nelsons", said Miguel, to help rehabilitate the core.  Graffiti is tagged on the metal siding.  The Pho Restaurant building has a new owner and he may be more amenable to removing the metal siding (10/8/13 Council Meeting).   

David Scott Meade agreed that something is needed to be done with the metal siding on the Pho Restaurant and to save, improve, and enhance the Old Town structures, in general. He recommended applying transfer development rights as bargaining chips to trade for improvements. "Incentives are needed now before things change," said Meade, "Leary is the heart of what Redmond is and, as Miguel notes, and we need to be more proactive."

"A Master Plan is needed before Old Town gets overwhelmed," said Llanos.

Bob Yoder


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2012 salaries for RECHA and non union workers bumped up 1.5% and 1% in 2011.

2010 AVERAGE SALARY FOR 624 CITY WORKERS IS:   $108,136  (-includes benefits)
  • 2010 PUBLIC SAFETY EMPLOYEES EARN $122,395  (includes benefits)
  • 2010 NON-PUBLIC SAFETY EMPLOYEE SALARY IS $95,474 (includes benefits)
  • PERSONAL BENEFITS ($22,942,949) COST ~30% OF SALARY & WAGES ($72,554,793) "Salary & Wages" include Overtime, and Supplemental Help and Other
     (Evergreen Hospital employee benefits cost 27% of salaries in 2010, Bob Malte/public meeting)
  • 80% of health insurance premium paid by City; paid family plans 
  • Municipal Employees Benefit Trust replaces Social Security.  City contributes 6.2% of monthly pay
  • 5.29% of monthly pay is contributed by City for retirement. 
  • Cell phones ($35/mo) and computers apply for some jobs
  • Vacation, Sick Leave (96 hours per year for executives), Disability, Life Insurance, Training & Tuition
  • 12 Paid Holidays 
NOTE:  Benefits for all full time city workers cost 30% of Salary.  All full time workers qualify for COLA.

2011 - $84,000   City Council - ~$1000/month per councilmember.  Heath insurance premium benefit for family. Total annual Council Benefits:  $4545.36 (No AD&D or Life)  Councillor Stilin uses a city laptop.

2011 - $112,000 Mayor - $106,000 + $6,000 car allowance +$50 cell phone. 96 hours sick leave,  176 hours ~ vacation/year.  12 Paid Holidays.  Mayor's net taxable income will increase to $133,000 in 2012. 

YEAR 2009 - EXECUTIVE  DIRECTOR SALARY QUOTES (Benefit package not included)
96 hours sick leave, 176 hours vacation/year, above*
$1,000/mo City councilmember plus health benefit, 2011
$133,000 MAYOR, taxable income, 2011.

new New ordinance passed standardizing Executive Salary grades to $132,732 median and $155,184 max.

$148,101 Finance Director - Michael Bailey - $142,000 + $6101.18 Bonus  
$149,712 Fire Chief/Acting Police - $139,000 + $10,712 Bonus [
$142,008 Police Chief - Ronald Gibson - $142,008 (Starting Salary, hired on 6/1/10)
$140,813 Public Works Director - - $135,000 + $5813 Merit Bonus
$138,228 Parks Director - Craig Larsen - $132,000 + $6,228.82 Merit Bonus
$137,947 Deputy Administrator - Jane Christianson - $132,000 + $5947.56 Bonus .
$134,803 Planning Director - Rob Odle -$129,000 + 5,802.84 Merit Bonus
$133,763 H.R. Director - Kerry Sievers - $128,000 + $5763 Merit Bonus
Across the board:  1% base increase, 2011

NOTES:  Maximum annual bonus is 15% once Directors reach the salary ceiling. Most have reached the ceiling, according to the Mayor (2/11).  Benefit package is ~30% of salary and is non-taxable.

2008 executive lump sum bonuses averaged 8.5% of base salary.  2008 Base salary merit increase averaged 2.2%.. In 2009 no base salary merit raises were awarded.

Examples of 2010 monthly salaries - bonus:  IS Manager:  $10,666;  Police Commander: $9,353/mo; Admin. Assist: $4,337; Deputy Fire Chief: $10,591; Parks Maintenance Supervisor: $6,163; City Clerk:  $8495;  Engineer:  $8,461; Compensation Programs Manager:  $8,609;   2011, 1% increase.  Senior Planner:  $7,038;  Permit Technician:  $4,751;  Webmaster:  $6,622; Building Inspector III: $6,200;  Senior Buyer: $6,273; Recreation Program Coordinator $5,338.
  • 2009 Salary Costs Continue to Rise at City Hall , Ordinance 8267, 1/9/2009  City Hall  Union.  (Planners, Engineers, Administrative Assistants, Building Inspectors) and Fire Bargaining Unit.
  • 2010 Salary Costs for Fire, Police, and City Hall Union continue to rise:  up 0.7% - 2% over 2009 not counting Merit increases. Ordinance 8267, 12/5/2009.
2009 - 2010 OVERTIME ~$2,338,452. 
2011 - 2012 PROPOSED OVERTIME ~$2,440,798 (up 4.4%).
2011 - 2012 SUPPLEMENTAL HELP AND "OTHER" COMPENSATION - $2,223,365. (UP 25%)
2009-2010 SALARIES AND WAGES (w/o benefits) $67,292,197
2011 -2012 SALARIES AND WAGES (w/o benefits) $67,972,142 (1% increase).
COLA:  "NON UNIFORM" - combines local private and public cost of living index (CPI-WA-Seattle/Bremerton/Tacoma).  Almost all other cities in WA use CPI-WA index. 

2009  MANAGERS SALARIES AND INCENTIVE BONUSES  (2009 salaries increased 2-9%; Annual Merit Bonus increased 2% - 5%)  Unlike many public sector jurisdictions, the City provides merit increases to non-union and RCHEA (City Hall) employees based on merit, not years of service.

Interesting story on the rising cost of government looking at a spectrum of jobs with comments from city governments across the country.  70% of the cost of government in Redmond is from employee compensation and benefits. 


"Government accountability means that public officials - elected and un-elected - have an obligation to explain their decisions and actions to the citizens. Government accountability is achieved through the use of a variety of mechanisms - political, legal and administrative - designed to prevent corruption and ensure that public officials remain answerable and accessible to the people they serve. In the absence of such mechanisms, corruption may thrive." -U.S. Department of State

Attorney General Rob McKenna has made government accountability one of the top priorities of his administration. The Washington Public Records Act is one of the strongest open government laws in the nation and reflects the desire of Washington citizens to know what their government is doing. A transparent and accessible government is essential to a successful free society, and fosters trust and confidence in government.

The Washington State Attorney General has requested several new laws to promote open government and access to public records, including notification in eminent domain, the creation of a "Sunshine Committee," and restoration of intent language to the Public Records Act.  Contact Tim Ford for assistance in obtaining public records and documents. 

Tim Ford, Open Government Ombudsman
Assistant Attorney General for Government Accountability
1125 Washington St, SE
Olympia, WA 98504
(360) 586-4802