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Bob Yoder, Editor and Scribbler
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The Redmond Neighborhood Blog has characteristics of a magazine.  I investigate, advocate and publish news and opinion on local governments, organizations and neighborhoods. Contact: redmondblog@gmail.com 

Dear visitors:  

The Idylwood and Education Hill neighborhoods of Redmond have been my home for over 36-years.  I've been living in the same house with my wife since we've been married -  a short walk to Hartman Park and Trails, Perrigo Springs, Redmond Bike Park, Mann Elementary, Redmond Middle School, Redmond High School and six churches.  (Read my Profile.)

The focus of this blog is on our local governments and their communities.  I started reporting in 2006 to shed light on city land use public notice issues.  Much of my early reporting centers on Open Government.

In 2015 Redmond Neighborhood Blog took a change of direction and tone.  I'm getting closer to government officials and developing trust.  I'm attending meetings to participate, not just report. I endorsed the 2016 Lake Washington School District bond measure and advocated for it's passage. I'm advocating for the mentally ill.  I still investigate to daylight government, but now to a lesser degree. I'm harvesting, editing and publishing older posts; there's lots of material to draw from in my 10 years of reporting.

Primary sources for news and opinion are public meetings, chat and correspondence with elected officials and staff, community leaders, citizens and social media and the internet. I value and publish press releases. My investigative reports and opinion are at times distributed to media outlets and government officials.

A few early examples of actions taken by my investigative reporting:  
Redmond neighborhoods
  • In 2008 Redmond Neighborhood Blog reported severe Bear Creek SR-520 flooding to State Representative Ross Hunter including photos and a video created by "WaterTender" Gary Smith.  According to Councilmembers Cole and McCormick this report helped pave the way for obtaining an $8 million state grant for re-locating Bear Creek away from the SR-520 widening project.     
  • In 2006, investigative reporting catalyzed hazardous waste clean-up, stormwater improvements and riparian upgrades in SE Redmond industries. Redmond Neighborhood Blog leveraged voice and engaged the community.  The State Department of Ecology, City of Redmond Code Officer, and numerous other regulatory agencies swept onto a All Wood Recycling to enforce the city aquifer protection ordinance.  
  • The city land use public comment period was extended from 2 weeks to 3 weeks.  Notice of Neighborhood meetings were required.    
  • In 2005, Redmond Neighborhood Blog raised community awareness of  "Perrigo Heights" plat encroachment onto Hartman woodlands, wetlands and the woodland trail connector. The city later purchased 3 acres to buffer the development from these sensitive areas.  
  • A native growth easement trail running from Perrigo Heights to Nike Park was identified. The trail-head is adjacent to the steep slope sewer line.    
  • Salaries and bonuses of local government officials and employees are usually increased without transparency and meaningful public review.  Labor costs constitute the majority of  local government operating budgets. I submit Public Record requests to monitor executive compensation.  
  • My coverage of  LWSD and Evergreen Hospital governments began in 2009.  Coincidentally, Evergreen's Brown Administration ended abruptly thereafter.  Evergreen and LWSD administrations wrote entirely new organizational charts.  
  • Changes were made to archaic administrative and policy code governing LWSD.
  • Faulty code regulating LWSD pet policy was changed giving owners more freedom to walk their dogs on school property. New signage was installed district-wide. 
  • Contradictory mission and vision statements were identified within the Chamber of Commerce. 
  • EvergreenHealth Board of Commissioner meeting Minutes and Agendas are now published on their website. 
  • EvergreenHealth taxpayers received a $476,990 capital levy carry-over refund in 2012.  The hospital's first county Levy Charter was adopted. 
  • Worked with EvergreenHealth to make their "Government and Leadership" web page more transparent and day-light their governance.
  • Disclaimers are published on all city email correspondence notifying the public that city emails are subject to public record requests. 
  • Redmond Neighborhood Blog leveraged the voice of environmental and community activist Susan Wilkins
  • The Mayor proclaimed  "Riparian" as the city's Habitat of Local Importance for Bear and Evans Creek and the Sammamish River.    
Redmond Neighborhood Blog is my avocation and approach to community service.  

Thank you for reading and contributing to Redmond Neighborhood Blog and sharing it with your friends and acquaintances!

Bob Yoder
Redmond, WA.


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Journalism experience:  "Seattle Times News Partner" (2010, 2015-16),  "Bloggers We Love" feature for New York's "Outside-In" (2010). "City Watch"  Redmond Reporter columnist (2007).  "Journalism That Counts" seminars in Tacoma (Tacoma Tribune) / Seattle.  Student of Kovach and Rosenstiel's "The Elements of Journalism".