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Friday, January 18, 2013

Al DeYoung shares memories of his family growing up in Woodinville in the 1930's and l940's: RHS meeting Feb 9

History is happening in the Redmond area and we welcome you to our meeting. The Redmond Historical Society (RHS) will meet on Saturday, February 9, 2013, 10:30 a.m. to noon, at The Old Redmond Schoolhouse Community Center, 16600 NE 80 Street, Redmond, WA. 
Al DeYoung will share memories of his family and growing up in Woodinville in the 1930s and 1940s. His family operated many businesses, including brother Lowell’s TD Feeds in Redmond. Al has spent most of his adult life in public service. He has been a Commissioner of Public Hospital District 2, which is the Evergreen Hospital Medical Center, for 33 years, and a Northshore School Director for three years. His daughter, Lucy, is treasurer of the Woodinville Heritage Society. Don’t miss this meeting.  Read More >>

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UPDATED: Evergreen Hospital to hold budget hearing and educational session - Commissioners propose raising the 2013 Regular levy

UPDATED 11/13/2012:  Correction:  On November 9th, the Commission voted to approve a $154,982 (2.1%) Regular Levy increase totaling $15,822,629 for 2013. 

The Evergreen Health Hospital Budget Hearing and Educational Session will take place on Friday, November 9th at 7:00 a.m. in Tan 250 of the Physicians and Surgeons Building.  The Board of Commissioners will be approving the most recent allocation of General Obligation Bonds from King County which aligns with the most recent taxation.  According to Laurene Burton, Government Affairs, the Commisssion is not voting on any proposals or increases to the 2013 Regular Property Tax Levy itself.  The public is invited to sit in on the Educational Session and speak at the Budget Hearing.

The Hearing offers the public an opportunity to give input into how Regular levy dollars are allocated for expenditure and to learn where the hospital spends it's $15,285,968 levy funds to promote community health and wellness.   Currently, 74% of the regular levy monies are allocated to paying debt service for growth and 26% for "health and wellness."  The 24-hour nurse line is one program Evergreen provides - similar to many health insurer programs.   Some citizens want to see more funding for "hands-only" cardiac resuscitation. 

The Board will vote to fund the $9,242,180 General Obligation bond excess levy to pay down a $112.7M bond approved by voters on November 10, 2004.  The bond raises money to pay for Evergreen Hospital's Emergency Department in Kirkland and the Silver Tower surgical aftercare beds. 

The Board of Commissioners raised the Regular Property Tax Levy 1% in 2012,  2.1% in 2011 and 1.7% in 2010.  Commissioners Greenfield and Hirt are up for re-election in 2013.  The Commission accepts public comment on the 3rd Tuesday of every month in the Public Meeting Room, Tan #250. 

By Bob Yoder

King County Public Hospital District No. 2, was established in 1972 to serve citizens in north King and south Snohomish counties. Registered voters in District number 155,154 (2010). Serving more than 400,000 citizens every year and three school districts, the District operates a 290-bed hospital and a network of primary and urgent care centers. Evergreen Healthcare district boundaries include Bothell, Duvall, Kenmore, Kirkland, Redmond, Woodinville, part of Sammamish and parts of unincorporated northeast King County. The District’s specialties include a maternity center, a cancer center, hospice and home health care, 24-hour emergency care, a critical care unit, cardiac care and surgical services.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Communications and city branding under review by Redmond council

City branding and communications were brief but important discussions by Redmond city council at their last study session.  Jeri Rowe-Curtis, newer city Communication and Marketing Administrator was at the table explaining her programs.  More importantly, the city council broadcast a  loud and clear message of Redmond's identity when Council Vice President Hank Margeson proclaimed:
"Redmond ought to be known throughout the world as the tech center of the universe and we ought to be building on that legacy."
Hank left it up to others with expertise to build the brand advising "there should be a coordinated communications plan to have a message that's carried forward; it adds transparency and insures no hidden agendas." 

Councilmember Allen agreed and encouraged "an outreach to the "creative" community to do some branding."

Hank Myers referenced the Puget Sound Business Journal's recent article on seven new technology companies in the Sound with two locating in Redmond.   Jeri Rowe-Curtis said she's paying attention to this Journal.  Some of her recent work is to get more robust programming on RCTV and AM 1650 and a social media push, especially U-Tube.  She's doing lunch 'n learns with staff for emergency prep and screens incoming calls of select citizens to filter the city information and shape the message.   

Her branding message for the city is currently:
"Realize Redmond's future as a City with two vibrant urban centers in downtown and Overlake, improve connections to our neighborhoods, and provide high quality services in partnership with an engaged community." 
By Bob Yoder

Friday, October 26, 2012

"ONE REDMOND" Chairman Bill Biggs gives progress report to Redmond city council

UPDATED:  Bill Biggs, V.P. Administrative Services for Group Health and Chair of Redmond Economic Development Association (REDA) gave Council a progress report on ONE REDMOND (OR) this Tuesday during their study session.  Mr. Biggs was introduced as the new Chair of OR. 

Biggs defined OR as an organization that "integrates community development, business retention, and business recruitment and choreographs how they connect and work together."   He said integration of the city into OR is important to land new businesses. 

Andrea Lachmann of PS Business Parks and Chair of the Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce and Nancy McCormick, a Director of Realize Redmond (RR) and Past Redmond Council President were present and gave insight into how their organizations would fold into OR.  REDA, the Chamber and RR planned to finalize their recommendations for a OR work plan yesterday with a specific work plan expected by December, 2013. 

Chair Biggs said "assimilation of the Chamber of Commerce into One Redmond is going very well and this week we'll bring that to culmination." He said the legacy of the chamber is business retention and that chamber staff will be folded into OR.  Biggs said OR will keep the Chamber brand and maintain it's association with the Eastside and National Chambers.  On web searches it will be found rostered under ONE REDMOND. 

Andrea Lachmann wrote a thorough update on ONE REDMOND in the October 2012 Greater Redmond Chamber of Commerce newsletter.   I recommend you read it here. 

McCormick said Realize Redmond is aligned with OR in their mission to develop the community by focusing on:  a sense of place, community involvement, cultural attributes, cultural diversity, and quality educational system.  She said they've been involved with writing the By-Laws of OR during a quiet fundraising period. 

Councilmember Tom Flynn asked if Realize Redmond was still fundraising for the Downtown Park and McCormmick no, it's delayed.  Mayor Marchione said park construction isn't planned untill 2016-2017 with 2014 being a "design year" and 2013 a "community input year."  (write:

President Vache' said the $50,000 feasibility study showed the Downtown Park was not a top priority.  Chair Biggs said "the first park priority is what happens in and around the park, the buzz, and how it creates a sense of place and attraction to the people to visit here, work here, and live here."  He hadn't seen traction from the community side to see how the park would perform.  Read More >>

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Abbott and Laura's Neighborhood Garden

By Abbott Smith
Redmond, WA.

Following cottage garden traditions, we call our home and garden The Caffeinated Gopher. The moniker comes from the fact that my wife and I tend to dig more dirt in a season than a pair of caffeinated gophers.

The garden is mostly the work of my wife, Laura. As you mentioned she works for Molbak's. She is a Certified Professional Horticulturalist. My role is periodic manual labor and design input. If you must use one of our names, by rights it should be called Laura's garden.

Our garden, like all gardens, is a work in progress. Each year we tweak and adjust. This season we took advantage of the city removing the tree and leaving a manufactured snag to open up the area along the southeast corner of the garden. We've added some new trails through the heart of the Southern border and limbed up an number of the evergreens so that we can bring in some more perennials and deciduous ornamentals.  Read More >>

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Wild and Natural Preservation Areas near Redmond, WA. By Susan Wilkins

Redmond Preservation Map
The Long-term plan for the Bear Creek and Evans Creek Basins east of Redmond

By Susan Wilkins
Redmond, WA.

We in Redmond are fortunate to live near some of the wildest natural areas in King County. On the east edge of Redmond, running north-south along Avondale and Mink Road is the Bear Creek Valley. And the deep valley traversed by Redmond-Fall City Road (SR202) contains the Evans Creek Basin. Both of these valleys are heavily forested and surprisingly undeveloped. They both contain significant native salmon runs with wetlands surrounding the network of meandering streams, especially compared to the incorporated, urban areas of nearby Redmond and Sammamish.

The decision to preserve the Bear and Evans Creek drainage basin areas was made more than 20 years ago. According to Paul Reitenbach, Senior Policy Analyst for the King County Department of Development and Environmental Service, in the early 1990s as part of long-term urban growth planning mandated by the Growth Management Act, the county decided to designate the Bear-Evans Creek Corridor and the Soos Creek Basin (in Kent) as permanently preserved natural areas. The King County Comprehensive Plan was written to include tight restrictions on residential and commercial developments in these basins and the county began programs that promoted habitat restoration and reforestation. Land along Bear Creek has been purchased by King County for permanent preservation using Conservation Futures Tax money provided by open space levies. Many landowners along and near Bear Creek have entered into long-term habitat preservation agreements with the county in exchange for reduced annual property tax bills.  

In the Evans Creek Basin, the City of Sammamish owns the Evans Creek Preserve, a 180-acre city park with nature trails, wetlands and meadows. King County has 30 acres under permanent protection in the Evans Creek Natural Area and also own most of the land with steep slopes along Sahalee Way.  Read More >>

Friday, July 13, 2012

Derby Days 2012! "Read all about it!"

Join in the 72nd Annual Redmond Derby Days THIS weekend!

And don't forget to say hi to the informational booth exhibitors from 10-6pm!   "Redmond Neighborhood Blog" is exhibiting the Heron Rookery story and hosting a nature photo raffle at 3:00PM and 4:15PM!   Some booths will have water dishes for your pets

Redmond, WA –Redmond will celebrate the 72nd Annual Derby Days Summer Festival this year, in conjunction with it's 100th Year Anniversary Centennial:  

Friday, July 13 from 6-10pm,
Saturday, July 14 from 10am-10pm  fireworks!
Sunday, July 15th from 9-Noon and 4-8pm.
Events are at the Redmond City Hall Campus, 15670 NE 85th Street, with the exception of the 4-8pm Concert in the Park, on Sunday, at Redmond’s Downtown Park, 16101 Redmond Way.

Friday Night Live kicks off the festival with headliner, HIT Explosion! The opening act, Clinton Fearon & the Boogie Brown Band, will get people ready for a night of dancing. Food vendors are on hand for dinner or a snack, and the beer and wine garden will provide a great spot for both people and band watching. After the concert enjoy the movie, Sherlock Holmes – A Game of Shadows from 10 to midnight on the great lawn at City Hall, presented by RYPAC.

Saturday’s events begin with an old fashioned Fire Department sponsored public Pancake Breakfast, Saturday, July 14, 2012, 8:00a.m. to Noon at Fire Station 11 located at 8450 161st Ave NE, Redmond located by the downtown Post Office. All proceeds will go to the RFD Benevolent Fund which supports local residents when they are facing personal tragedy. Additionally kids can tour the Fire Trucks, try spraying water on a mock fire, and try on real firefighter gear.

Beginning at 10am, the Derby Days Kids Parade, one of the nation’s largest kid’s parade will take place. Parade registration begins at 9am behind Redmond Medical Center. Arriving early is strongly recommended in order to register before the parade starts.   Read More >>

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lake Washington Schools Foundation allocates $72,000 for LINKS tutor/mentor program next year.

7th Annual LWSF luncheon at LW High raised $130K
Lake Washington Schools Foundation allocates $72,000 to LINKS mentor / tutor program for 2012-2013 school year.  Volunteers will be needed to serve 1500 students. 

With outgoing President Terri Blier by her side, LeeAnn Wood, Executive Director of the Lake Washington Schools Foundation (LWSF)announced plans to bolster the LINKS program at the School Board's last public meeting.
LINKS, short for "Looking Into the Needs of Kids," is a mentoring and tutoring program that recruits and trains volunteers "to work one-on-one with students to help them feel connected, valued, and challenged," said LeeAnn Wood.  "Volunteers come from all walks of life:  they're retirees, business workers, community volunteers, and parents."  LeeAnn said they learn skills like problem solving, critical creative thinking, and work & collaborating with peers.

Last year 788 students were served by 158 volunteers for a total of 4400 hours - and 60 kids were still on the waiting list for a mentor by the end of last year.  Next year, the Foundation's Executive Board projects student needs to double to almost 1500.  LeeAnn said they're waiting for the program person's plan from the district.

Ms. Wood announced the Foundation's four new officers for next year.  Peg Hunt is the new President.  Peg's been on the Board since 2009 and has two sons in school.  She has a BS in Psychology from University of Washington and a Master's in Organizational Psychology from San Diego University.  Peg has 8 year's experience working as a scientist for Batelle in Seattle and fundraising success at over $350,000 levels.  Read More >>

Monday, June 18, 2012

Lots of entertainment and fun at MAPS "Art and Culture Day"

Plenty of good art and entertainment at Saturday's MAPS "Art and Culture Day"
Last Saturday was an excellent day to connect with the Muslim residents and some of the culture of greater Redmond.  This is a photo of  some visitors to the "Arts and Culture Day" held the mosque in SE Redmond.  (Their dress can be art it itself). We were fortunate to run into Hyder Ali in the morning who told us exciting news that the Mayor of Bellevue and Redmond Police Chief Gibson had already stopped by. 

Hyder is a resident of greater Redmond, works at Microsoft and is President of MAPS (Muslim Ass'n of Puget Sound), the sponsoring organization.  The event was held in a SE Redmond Muslim mosque named "Maasjid Ar-Rahmah," which is also a gathering place for the cultural community.  We enjoyed a brief visit with Hyder's son.
The Event was very entertaining and fun with dancing and singing and we learned a lot about the cultures of Syria, Libya, Pakistan, Palestine, and Turkey at their art exhibits.  Hopefully, a slide show to follow.  Please send in your pictures!
Read more about Hyder Ali and how to connect with the cultural center and mosque  Read More >>

Friday, June 15, 2012

Weekly BNI "referral meetings" gives boost to small business

Julia Anderson, Physical Therapist is smiling after the Friday's BNI
 referral meeting / Painting contractor JC is signing new members
UPDATED:  Small businesses are working hard to stay connected in this economy to keep their Redmond customer referral base healthy.  Nat Seymour, invited me to his weekly  Redmond BNI "referral meeting" this Friday at Redmond's Family Pancake House.  The banquet room was alive with BNI chatter as members caught up from the week before and met the new visitors.

Two other BNI Groups meet in Redmond at different times and locations.

45 is the magic number for BNI small business members.  I was prepared to give a 45 minute talk about my exciting new neighborhood consulting business plan, only to hear the gong off after my second swallow of coffee.  Table talks must have circled 3-4 times, not counting two 8-minute presentations.  Read More >>

Monday, June 11, 2012

LW-PTSA Council wins "Outstanding Newsletter" award at State PTA Convention

LW-PTSA Council wins "Outstanding Newsletter" at
State PTA Convention in May, 2012.
"At least 56 PTA members from the Lake Washington PTSA Council area went to the 2012 Washington State PTA Convention in Sea-Tac in early May with their attendence well-rewared.  The works of  LW-PTSA council and  seven units were honored with nine awards.   read more >>
 – Sarah Smith & Shelley Florres, LWPTSA Council Co-Presidents
CURRENTS LW-PTSA Council Newsletter

Congratulations to the following Award Winning Lake Washington PTSA Council Team and Area Units for their notable participation in the 2012 Washington State PTA Convention

Lake Washignton Council PTSA Council 2.8 won two 2012 State PTA Convention awards:
Outstanding Newsletter - "Currents"
Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8 (1st Place)
Outstanding Communication:
Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8 – Website (3rd Place)
Standards of Excellence Awards:
•Juanita High PTSA 2.8.90 – Silver
•Lake Washington PTSA Council 2.8 – Gold
State PTA Unit 100% Membership Award:
•Christa McAuliffe PTSA 2.8.36
•Lousa May Alcott PTSA 2.8.3
•Peter Kirk PTSA 2.8.45
•Laura Ingalls Wilder PTSA 2.8.66
Applegate Grant Recipients:
•Redmond Elementary PTSA 2.8.46 “Math Enrichment”
LW-PTSA Council wants you to take a short eight-question survey on their award-winning CURRENTS Newsletter.  ATTENTION COMMUNITY MEMBERS:  Survey participation by tax-paying Community members with or without a student(s) are welcome!  Join the PTSA!  Be a Friend for Life!


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

UPDATED: The tree snag in Laura's neighborhood garden

Visit Molbak's summer calender of events and gardening workshops....

"The garden is mostly the work of my wife, Laura. As you mentioned she works for Molbak's. She is a Certified Professional Horticulturalist.  My roll is periodic manual labor and design input. If you must use one of our names, by rights it should be called Laura's garden."  - Abbott

This Douglas fir manufactured snag is visible from NE 104th Street near Avondale
UPDATED:  As you drive down 104th Street near Avondale and  look left and you'll see a sidewalk neighborhood planting area affectionately known as "Laura's Garden."   This photo shows Abbott's wife Laura diligently tilling the soil and planting the "seconds" she picks up from her job a Molbaks.  They live adjacent to the planting area on 184th Ave NE and 104th Ave NE.

Last year, "Redmond Blog" (RNB) featured Abbott's Arbor.  This year, the Douglas fir snag has been added to the Abbott collection, mostly by luck and good intentions of the city.  It was classified "hazardous" and manufactured into a snapped-off tree snag.  The trunk is loaded with woodpecker holes.
Do you see the snag?   It has jagged edges on the top   High school science students walking up the hill will tell you this tree snag provides invaluable habitat and foraging for hundreds of species of wildlife and insects.  
So, who in the city do we thank for not stumping this tree to the ground.  Parks?  Department of Natural Resources?  The Street Division,  Planning & Development? (an 11-lot plat is approved down the hill), The city council Ombudsman?  The neighborhood?  My vote's on the Mayor.  He's a good listener; can't you see?   
Opinion and photo by Bob Yoder

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Redmond Reporter spells out their "vacation hold" delivery policy

Thanks Beryl and Sage,  for stopping by the weed -pull yesterday and sharing your Acadamy of Health and humor newsletter. 
Redmond Reporter in driveway
UPDATED:  Okay, so you scooped up your Redmond Reporter this Friday after work (or did you?) and the Overlake Boys championship soccer story caught your attention, or the ads, or maybe you just wanted to read the latest Crime Watch News to see if  the burgularies on Rose Hill were creeping into your neighborhood.  We have lots of reasons to read the Reporter.  But, you also know, in less than a month school's out and you/re planning a vacation trip when you'll NOT want the paper(s) thrown on your driveway, marking your absence.  Perhaps a little anxious from past experience with "vacation holds", you start thinking of a good neighbor to help pick up those loose ends.  Of course, home security issues gnawing at you this vacation are the last thing you want.

The Redmond Reporter's published delivery number 800-838-3000 and circulation email hasn't been entirely reliable for more than few of my neighbors.  So, as a public service to my readers I quized  Reporter staff  by email for specifics of their current "vacation hold" delivery policy.   Their policy is summarized below:
Hi Bob,
My name is Armando Vallin and I am the circulation manager for the Redmond reporter...the best way is to e-mail me at  the - has to be included, with the mailing address and dates that you want stopped & restarted. The request needs to be in by 10:00a.m. on the Thursday before the stop date, our paper is delivered on Fridays. Any questions, just e-mail me at the above address.

If you know the exact dates, you can send it in one e-mail...I can stop & re-start at the same time in our computer system.
Thanks. Armondo 425-296-7401 (cell)
Will this help you plan for your vacation, or contact your city Circulation manager?  Read more about the Redmond Reporter, who owns it, where they live (not local) and something about the reporters.   Read More >>

Monday, May 28, 2012

Does downtown Redmond need four liquor stores?

  This Redmond State Liquor Store will close on May 29
with a new name.
UPDATED:  I stopped into Redmond Way's Washington State Liquor Store last Thursday, May 24 and chanced into an  exciting conversation with store manager, Peggy.  Fran said, "I've never seen Thursday so busy before."

The state store’s last day is May 29.

Peggy and Fran are the two state worker staying on with the new proprieters, the Roh brothers.  They plan to re-open the doors in early June, probably "by June 2.”  Peggy wasn’t sure of the exact opening and some online buzz was circulating that the lease with the landowner was still being negotiated.  It’s not cheap.

The QFC’s, a Safeway and two nearby Costco’s are timed to “come up for air” with competitive pricing (for the first time) on June 1, by 5AM.  Who will surface as the local price leader?   Does downtown Redmond need four liquor stores?

Peggy was excited about her new prospective bosses, Jeff and Mike Roh:  Jeff's an orthopedic surgeon and Mike's wife Grace works in Finance with Nordstrom.  The Roh's are Greater Redmond residents, brothers of Korean descent, entrepreneurs and successful bidders of the Redmond Way liquor license and another in Mukilteo where their parents live.

The Roh's are a small fish in the pond compared to the two QFC's and Safeway selling liquor and premium wines nearby.  One QFC is only about 500 feet away. (see map)  I asked Peggy how'd they compete?   She answered that for one, most everyone in Redmond knows where to buy liquor and if they phone in she reminds them it's the old "Underhill’s" store.  For another, they plan to "go Local" on Redmond culture and commerce.  Pointing to the beautiful Redmond Way bay windows of the historic brick building Peggy said they're looking at additional artifacts to dress up the inside.  They will advertise "Premium Wine and Spirits," and have beer and wine tastings, glassware, with food, craft-aged scotch, cigars, local wines, gift boxes, accessories, specialty liquors like Bluewater Vodka, ice coolers, a different LOGO and sign profile changes and contracts with small local distributors.

Loud signs and "best use" are big community issues. Read More >>

Friday, January 13, 2012

LINKS Volunteers: Caring about the needs of kids and schools - registering now

LINKS volunteer with her kids!
"LINKS":  Looking Into the Needs of Kids and Schools

"LINKS" is a program of the Lake Washington School District (LWSD), with funding provided by the Lake Washington Schools Foundation. LINKS recruits and places community volunteers in LWSD schools, including those in the Kirkland, Redmond and Sammamish communities. 

Contact Nanci Weir to sign-up or learn more at:
What Type of Volunteering Can I Do?

LINKS volunteers spend one hour per week in the classroom as mentors, tutors and classroom helpers. Volunteers are placed based on the needs of the schools in the district and the interests of the LINKS volunteers.   Read More!
  --Source:  LWSD website LINK page

COMMENT:  I was a Lunch Buddy for 8 years and junior high Project Impact buddy for two years.  It was a great experience for me at the time the schools were funding the program.   In 2010-11 program funding was taken over by the FOUNDATION and the road was a little rocky.  I've since heard the FOUNDATION  has a full-time Executive Director and is better run than ever.  Sign-up!  These kids need you! And, the rewards to you will be ten-fold. -- Bob Yoder

Saturday, November 19, 2011

UPDATED ON JANUARY 12: LW School District Board considering internal candidates for superintendent.

Pres. Jackie Pendergrass
and school board to decide.
Lake Washington School Board outlines next step for superintendent search

Opinion Updated 1/25:  The School Board will introduce their preferred candidate, Traci Pierce, to the community during "Meet and Greets" (M&G) this January.   Parents and the community are invited to give input to Board members.  Send your feedback to the Board by February 22 at and if you have your own preferred candidate let them and your neighbors know!   I like Traci a lot, but prefer Principal Jane Todd, Redmond High for her known community Leadership skills.  

UPDATED OPINION:  At their December 5 meeting the Lake Washington School Board will decide if they want to put forward an internal candidate for Superintendent. 

According to the Administration in a press release,  "the district is in the middle of a major initiative - changing its grade configuration - which will affect every school in the district."   Grade reconfiguration - along with growth pains from the new Stem School, RHS wing, and EHS wing and other immediate challenges - could benefit from "consistent leadership" of an internal candidate.  "Knowledge and experience of these ongoing challenges also favor the consideration of internal candidates," says the Administration.

The Board will evaluate all candidates based on criteria gathered from the online survey ("read more") and interviews with staff and community members.  If they can't decide on an internal candidate, they'll look outside.
Do you think an internal candidate is appropriate considering what we're facing for the next few years?  Is an interim Superintendent  an option?   A couple of names that come to mind are Deputy Superintendent of Instructional Services, Dr.Traci Pierce, and Redmond High Principal Jane Todd.  Do you have any recommendations or favorites?   I think Deputy Superintendent Janine Fogard is most effective staying where she is, as Chief Operating Officer.  She knows the district "plumbing" better than anyone.  Ms. Fogard, as Director of Finance, has an excellent business services finance team led by Barbara Posthumus.  Read More>>

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

UPDATED: Singapore American School website lauds Dr. Chip Kimball as their 12th Superintendent, effective July, 2012

Singapore American School
 Dr. Chip Kimball appointed Superintendent of Singapore American School (SAS) 

Twelfth Superintendent of Singapore American School "largest single-campus international school in the world, with 3,878 students, 353 faculty members, and 222 support staff"

SINGAPORE, September 15, 2011 - Dr. Chip Kimball, Superintendent of Lake Washington School District in Redmond, Washington, has been appointed the twelfth Superintendent of Singapore American School by the school's Board of Governors. Rudy Muller, Chair of the SAS Board of Governors, announced the appointment today in a letter to the SAS community.

Dr. Kimball, 47, will take office on July 1, 2012 and succeeds Dr. Brent Mutsch who previously announced that he is stepping down in June 2012 after five years as Superintendent of SAS.

"Dr. Kimball is a respected and proven educational leader with the depth and breadth of knowledge to enhance student learning through 21st century best practices," Mr. Muller said. "Dr Kimball will bring innovative leadership to Singapore American School and he embodies the ideals of academic rigor, professional excellence, extraordinary care of students, creativity, and community building that lie at the heart of our mission."  Read More >>

Sunday, July 24, 2011

General Manager of Borders Books dreams of opening a Redmond bookstore

Stuart Burnett, General Manager of Borders, dreams of opening a bookstore in Redmond
Rumor turned to reality on Friday when Borders bankruptcy sale signs hit the streets.

For years, Borders was part of many Redmonites lives.  Especially on rainy days, Borders was always there for us, to warm up, browse for a good book or magazine, have a cup of coffee, or rest in a good chair.  Borders was a significant gathering place for our community and similar the Top Food's closure, will be sadly missed.

Stuart Burnett, the dismissed General Manager of Borders/Redmond and a 43-year native of Redmond, had the same nostalgic words for his past employer.  Read More >>

Monday, July 11, 2011

UPDATED: Redmond's Evolving Economic Development Plan

Mayor John Marchione
Coordinating economic
UPDATED, July 12:  The City of Redmond's Centennial Celebration in 2012 is becoming the rallying point for jump-starting economic
development in the Greater Redmond Community.  Healthy, economic development is deemed critical to the future of the City for job growth, a robust business climate, and quality neighborhoods.   Four community organizations are being re-deployed to fund-raise and move economic and community development forward, as follows:
On May 19, 2009 city council authorized $105,500 payment to Texas-based Angelou Economics "to develop a strategic plan for economic development."  In addition, Council approved $200,000 to create a public-private partnership between the City and REDA.  This "seed money" was intended to jump start REDA fund-raising activities.   During the May public meeting Councilmember Pat Vache' asked council to step off the Dias and extend a hand of partnership and welcome to attending Chamber members.   REDA member, Jim Stanton of Microsoft spent over 15 minutes talking with Chris Hoffmann, the Chamber CEO. The first $50,000 of $200,000 was spent funding the office of Larry Williams, Executive Director, REDA.

Who's in REDA? 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Dyslexic 6th grader asks LW School Board for help and understanding

UPDATED, 6/15:  The School Board business meeting last night was interesting, beyond the Board's decision to approve the STEM school project.  Eight citizens patiently waited 30 minutes for their three minutes to speak to the Board about school business on their mind.  (It was a scholarship award night).

After a Lake Washington FOUNDATION *presentation, four parents of children with dyslexia and Katie, an elementary student with dyslexia, advocated for help and awareness.  Judy, the first parent runs a WA-PTSA Special Needs Dyslexia Sub-group with 31 members and growing.  She lauded district Directors Paul Vine and John Holman for conducting "Leap Day" training to the entire LWSD staff in May .

According to the four parents' making public comment:  Dyslexia is a genetic, life long, neurological learning disability that affects 10-20% of the population both male and female.  Dyslexia includes a spectrum of symptoms:  problems with phonics, decoding, spelling, reading and reading fluently, math facts and foreign languages.  READ MORE >>

Margret Adams, a parent with two sons (Juanita and Thoreau El) offered to "provide Source for the following statistics (scroll down for her sources):
  • Dyslexia comprises 80% of all learning disabilities
  • 43% of teachers believe the home is partly to blame for learning disabilities 
  • 51% of the population thinks that children with learning disablities are lazy. 
  • 47% of the Texas prison population in YR 2000 was determined to have dyslexia
  • and in a more more recent study, 35% of entrepreneurs were determined to have dyslexia."
Probably, the most influential of all speakers was Katie, a 6th grade student at Robert Frost.  She is an awesome speaker. 

Katie said she was diagnosed in 4th grade and "felt stupid" about slow reading, difficult spelling, math facts, and the need for more time to finish assignments. She said the "Safety Net" didn't help her but, besides the lolly pop, she liked the 504 Plan.  Katie was self-conscious around her peers.   To improve, she asked the Board for: 1) a calculator during tests, 2) an electronic dictionary, 3) "more time" to finish, 4) and American Sign Language (ASL) training to replace the foreign language requirement.  Katie is bright and excels in sports, writing, acting and singing.

North Shore School District and many across the country teach ASL.  With resources and adjustments from the District, 70-80% can "break the code" in one year, read by 3rd grade, and many go onto college with average and above average intelligence.

Superintendent Kimball summarized the parents requests for:  ALS, a dyslexic advocate on the reading program, technology, and curriculum.  Kimball promised, "we will consider these things."

*The LW School FOUNDATION 2012 fundraising goal is to increase the 2011 contribution by $193K. 

Reported by Bob Yoder
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PS:  I apologize for my spelling errors on this blog

I have just recently learned about this blog and the questions. I am the Margaret Adams that spoke at the Board meeting. I am the co-founder of the LWSD Special Needs Dyslexia sub-group. Parents or teachers in the District who are interested in joining the group may contact me at

Here is the source information - the statement is first, then source:
(1)Dyslexia comprises approximately 80% of all learning disabilities [Dr. Guinevere Eden, President of the IDA, statment made in "Journey into Dyslexia" shown on HBO][ ]

(2) Two myths persist even today: [Emily Hall Tremaine Foundation study ] (i)43% of teachers believe the home is at least partly to blame for learning disabilities. And (ii)51% of the general population think that children with learning disabilities are lazy.

(3) Keeping in mind that that 10 to 20% of the US population has dyslexia, ( i)In the year 2000, 48% of the Texas prison population was determined to have dyslexia [Dr. Kathryn Moody, Dept of Neurology, Univ. of TX ] ; and (ii)In a much more recent study 35 % of entrepreneurs were determined to have dyslexia [Julie Logan of Cass Business School ]