Monday, October 29, 2012

Communications and city branding under review by Redmond council

City branding and communications were brief but important discussions by Redmond city council at their last study session.  Jeri Rowe-Curtis, newer city Communication and Marketing Administrator was at the table explaining her programs.  More importantly, the city council broadcast a  loud and clear message of Redmond's identity when Council Vice President Hank Margeson proclaimed:
"Redmond ought to be known throughout the world as the tech center of the universe and we ought to be building on that legacy."
Hank left it up to others with expertise to build the brand advising "there should be a coordinated communications plan to have a message that's carried forward; it adds transparency and insures no hidden agendas." 

Councilmember Allen agreed and encouraged "an outreach to the "creative" community to do some branding."

Hank Myers referenced the Puget Sound Business Journal's recent article on seven new technology companies in the Sound with two locating in Redmond.   Jeri Rowe-Curtis said she's paying attention to this Journal.  Some of her recent work is to get more robust programming on RCTV and AM 1650 and a social media push, especially U-Tube.  She's doing lunch 'n learns with staff for emergency prep and screens incoming calls of select citizens to filter the city information and shape the message.   

Her branding message for the city is currently:
"Realize Redmond's future as a City with two vibrant urban centers in downtown and Overlake, improve connections to our neighborhoods, and provide high quality services in partnership with an engaged community." 
By Bob Yoder

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