Friday, July 24, 2020

UPDATED: Redmond Needs A Visitor Center

UPDATED:  My wife and I attended the "Redmond Bar and Grill" streatery ribbon cutting tonight and felt so good just being outside and enjoying our neighbors.  The outdoor seating really made it all happen and the food and drink was delicious.

We felt more streateries like this one would make Redmond a special place.  As is, downtown Redmond just seems almost sterile.  People are starting to use the park but not like we had hoped. We decided what was needed is a Visitor Center. The only Visitors' Center we have is at Microsoft.  Even "Experience Redmond" labeled our center as Microsoft's.  As you can see from this link we are much more than Microsoft.

We discussed good places for a Visitor Center.  The 3200 s.f. business for rent at Leary Way and Redmond Way, underneath Dr. Han's dental practice, seemed a good location. A center on the City Hall campus seemed okay. 

Redmond is more than a Microsoft; we need to spread our wings and welcome all of  our newcomers.

-- Bob Yoder, opinion

This piece was posted on Facebook with lots of viewer interest and feedback.  One lady thought a good place for the Tourist Center was near the downtown park.  Another mentioned a kiosk at the ERRATIC.  Most people were positive about the park.

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