Thursday, September 26, 2019

UPDATED: A small opportunity for affordable housing?

Open green space on 83rd and 166th

About a half a year ago I posted a photo of  the downtown "pocket park" on 83rd and 166th Ave. It obviously isn't a park but for the downtown it seemed a pleasant patch of green "open space."

I explored the place and counted 9 trees on the property, some of which appeared dangerous so I contacted the code enforcement officer.  It took quite a while to hear back because the city real estate division was trying identify the owner.  Well, wouldn't  you know -- the city owns the property! (Currently the city is assessing the trees for safety.)

So what are the possible uses of this open space?  The above photo  was taken at 10:30 a.m. today and we see it's filled with parked cars....perhaps construction worker's cars.  Personally, I don't think parking is best use.  Affordable housing is a huge need in the city. Why not build "tiny houses" here or even a small pod multi-family apartment building?

If you think tiny houses or some other use is a good idea write city council at:  I just asked the Council to consider an apodment.

(An "apodment" is a separately rentable bedroom-bathroom suite in an apartment, with use of the apartment's kitchen, in a building full of such units. A typical apodment has 150 - 275 square feet of private space, not including shared kitchens, hallways, stairs, and entries)

-- Bob Yoder


Brian Bartley said...

Make it a park!

Mike near Seattle said...

Let's not do tiny houses. A small apartment building would be OK. The loss of tree cover is acceptable; this is directly across from the tree-lined Old Redmond Schoolhouse playground.