Friday, April 26, 2019

Updated: A downtown "pocket park"

Photo credit /Bob Yoder
I'm sure you've seen this downtown "pocket park." One of our elected said it's private property. It's on the corner of NE 83 Street and 166th.  Currently, there's construction equipment on the site. (An asphalt roller and another big piece of equipment.)  I hope this tiny green space isn't torn away!  All we have left in the downtown that's treed is the Heron Rookery. Have you seen other patches?

-- Bob Yoder

Significant litter was noticeable at the intersection and has since been removed.  5/7/19
The construction equipment has been removed and replaced with two vehicles.  5/22


Brian Bartley said...

I didn’t know it was a park I figured they were just using it as parking till they could build on it is it really designated as a park because if it is why can they park all over it if not the city should make it a park.

Bob Yoder said...

This is not a public park. According to an elected official it's private property and one of the churches is trying to buy it to build a shelter for homeless/ the less fortunate. If you see liter there please try to pick it up. The owner appears to be gone almost all the time. Let's keep it a pleasing place! :)