Wednesday, January 11, 2017

UPDATED: PSE installs new electric lines in residential neighborhood -- New water lines are next.

PSE is installing new electric lines on Education Hill.  Above, a crew is working on NE. 96th Street not far from the Bike Park.  The entire street is lined with equipment.  The foreman said 100's of miles of PGE line are old and deteriorated; the really bad lines like this one need immediate replacement. He said residents on this street are experiencing black-outs in the absence of storms.  Electric lines are also being installed on 172 Ave. and 98th NE the Ct.  That's it. The construction is non-invasive with only moderate road tear-up. It's two week project.

Except for the drum of a jack-hammer, it was pretty quiet.

But this work is mild compared to what's coming.  According to a September 13th, 2016 staff report, a new water line will be installed in roads near Nike Park in early Spring. (March - November.)  It has something to do with restoring water pressure.  The construction will be highly invasive and the affected residents have already been noticed and have had a neighborhood meeting.  Last year, I reported this and other residential projects that are in the books.  Check it out here.

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