Thursday, September 15, 2016

Report by city staff, more construction projects to come

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Last night city staff gave Council an update on public/private construction projects.  Here's a very brief summary of some of the projects you may be interested in:

1.  Willows Preparatory School is planning to build a 48,000 square foot facility on the old Thenos ice cream site just north of the glassed Washington Cathedral building. A dormitory to house 40 students is part of the project. The project will have a capacity for at least 100 students. Traffic will certainly be an issue on Red-Wood Road. Work probably won't begin until 2017.

2. A new water line on Education Hill near Nike Park will be installed in early 2017.  It will be very disruptive to the surrounding neighbors and the city is already noticing the residents. The new pipe line will increase water pressure for the Fire Department.

3. A one mile extension to the downtown Central Connector trail is expected to be completed by the end of the year.

4. Sad to hear,but starting next Spring the Frankie's Pizza mall will be demolished to build Anderson Park Hotel. The  six-story hotel will have 177 rooms with under-ground and surface parking.

5.  In response to a question by Council Member Hank Myers:  peat soil removed from the Downtown Park construction site will be recycled by the contractor to build new soils. (No, it won't be screened for Indian artifacts :)

6.  A three-story, 90,000 SF storage facility will be built just south of our new Costco.

7.  876 dwelling units are under construction in the "Downtown neighborhood" as we speak.

And the beat goes on....

Bob Yoder


Anonymous said...

Over 800 units in downtown. 100 planned parking spaces

Anonymous said...

Why so many hotels?