Saturday, September 17, 2016

UPDATED, 9/20: The LWSD Organizational Chart: Who's responsible for transportation, facilities planning, and finance?

LWSD Board of Directors
Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce and her staff have worked very hard to prepare a new Organizational Chart that clearly shows the relationships of her Superintendents and Directors. The intent of the new chart is to ensure "an effective program of instruction for pupils" and achieve the Board's educational goals ("End Results") for our students. 

The Chart is under consideration for approval by the Board this Monday evening, 9/19 at 7 PM, District HQ.  Dr. Pierce's proposed Chart is here:   

2016-17 Organizational Chart Recommended by Dr. Pierce and awaiting approval from the Board in this Monday's 7PM Board Meeting 

Notable changes from the 2015-2016 Chart:

1.)  The Board is included on the Chart!
2.)  The Director of Business and Support Services is promoted to Assistant Superintendent. 
3.) H.R. and both Associate Superintendent departments are beefed up with additional Directors. Transparency of the Associate Superintendents' roles is enhanced.
4) Links connect the Executive Secretary to the Board, so you can contact them with your questions and feedback.  Call 425-936-1257
5) Silos are eliminated and collaboration is heightened!

Unfortunately, the Chart doesn't fully identify the roles of three key executives vital to passing Bond measures and running the operation.  We don't know who manages and oversees finance, facilities planning and transportation.  With roles not fully transparent, the public loses confidence and respect for the system...deterring bond approval and thus student learning conditions.    

If any of this bothers you, go to the Board meeting this Monday night, 9/19, 7 PM, District HQ and speak to the Directors during the public comment period; and ask Board President Nancy Bernard to delay action on the Chart, for another meeting, until further study.    

And if this doesn't bother you, that's cool too.  

Bob Yoder


Kathryn Reith said...

Complete information on the district's Central Leadership Team, including organizational sub-charts outlining every position that reports to them, is available at That includes all business services positions, which includes financial services, and the support services department, which includes transportation and facilities.

Bob Yoder said...


Now we know Forest Miller is responsible for facilities planning and transportation! I'm already starting to see more of him. Last week he gave at least a 30 minute presentation at City Hall on planning for the North Redmond Elementary School. I sure hope his public participation during district bond measure promotions is just as visible.

We also now know Janene Fogard is the district's COO! Yet, at the North Redmond El presentation she was introduced by her old title, "Deputy Superintendent of Support Services." Huh? What does this tell us? Yeah, her superintendent role sounds important but it doesn't tell us she's the COO, a much more transparent title...that informs us what she really does...oversight of district finances and the budget, oversight of the district computers and software, oversite of facilities planning, orversite of transportation....and on! So you can see it's critical the PTSA and community keep her accountable.