Wednesday, September 14, 2016

UPDATED, 9/30 School Board meeting to review issues of government transparency

Lake Washington School District Board of Directors
Issues of transparency will be addressed which could improve the outcome of future bond measures.
The Board of Directors and Superintendent will be holding a Board meeting this Monday, September 19th that will address the "Administrative Organizational Plan."  Superintendent and CEO Dr. Traci Pierce will be highlighting her "enhanced Plan." The meeting will be held at 7:00PM, District Headquarters.

It's an important meeting.  Issues of government transparency will be addressed which could improve the outcome of future bond measures, transportation services, taxpayer budgeting and other issues. You are encouraged to attend and/or participate! To comment please sign-up before the meeting starts; preferably at 6:45.  


In part, the "Administrative Organizational Plan" is:   
"The administrative organization of the district shall be considered as an orderly means of achieving the district's primary objective, an effective program of instruction for pupils. 
"An organizational chart for the district shall be prepared by the superintendent and approved by the board to designate clearly relationships of all employees within the district organization.
The District's old Organizational Chart under review is here:

Editor's Note:  I'm confused. It was supposed to be here; I may have posted the new one by mistake, or the District removed it.

For your reference, the Bellevue School District's Organizational Chart is here:

I hope this helps and you can make the meeting!

Bob Yoder

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Bob Yoder said...

A comment from a school mom complaining about bus transportation was inadvertently removed. She couldn't find anything to do with "transportation" on the organizational chart, I encouraged her to come to the school board meeting on 9/18 and tell the board and Sup. what she thinks.

In my research I've come to believe Forest Miller not only oversees Facilities Planning but also Transportation. I think this is too much for him and am recommending Sup. Pierce hire a Transportation Director or move Mr. Miller's "associate" up a notch with a direct report to Dr. Pierce. Right now the un-named associate is overseen by Mr. Miller who is overseen by an "Operations" IMO too many filters and absence of accountability.

I urge you and others to come to the meeting for educational purposes or to speak your mind about issues that bother you.