Wednesday, September 13, 2017

UPDATED: The importance and methods of communicating with LWSD

Are you a school district taxpayer and supporter of our schools and would like to be more informed about upcoming bond measures?   (Remember the capital bond measure didn't pass twice until after community Task Force was formed?)  Did your child graduate from the district and now wants to know what's going on with their school?  Are you interested in updates and information of community gatherings like Boundary Review Community meetings?  If so, then you definitely want to sign up for the "Connections e-Newsletter."  Click HERE to subscribe.

Public School Board meetings are an excellent venue to comment about bond measures, describe any problem your student is having in the classroom,  propose improvements, and yes, even thank the Board and Dr. Pierce for the work they do!  The school board volunteers  many hours to represent us (while working at their day jobs.)

If you want to attend a public Board Meeting to comment on an issue this link gives a convenient notice and reminder of upcoming Board Meetings. The meetings start at 7 pm and are held in the District Resource Center.  Go here.for a timely and convenient notice of upcoming Board meetings. 

You may e-mail the Board. at  

Bethany Pendergrass is an excellent person to talk to about any school issue you have.. She's the  "Director of Communications and Public Engagement".  Her e-mail is or call 425-936-1342


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