Thursday, September 14, 2017

Osama Hamdan endorses Steve Fields for Redmond City Council

Osama Hamdan
The theme for my race for Redmond City Council was #ConnectingRedmond. I believe we need to prioritize better planning and more community parks in order to better connect our communities. Even though I am no longer a candidate, my priorities have not changed and I am actively looking to continue the efforts of #ConnectingRedmond.

While the results of the race did not get me into the general election, the results did make it very clear that voters are looking for change. Redmond is at a crossroads and the City Council needs to ensure it is making the right decisions for the residents it serves.

I have had the opportunity to meet with both Byron Shutz and Steve Fields to better understand their positions and how they align with my own vision. While I believe both candidates have the best intentions for our city, Steve Field’s vision is more aligned with my own and can help us be more focused on building the city we need.  Steve wants to “Build Community, not Just Buildings” and he aims to have the city be more engaged with the residents of the community.  These positions reflect the spirit of #ConnectingRedmond and have therefore led me to endorse Steve Fields for Redmond City Council Position 2. 

This November, I plan to vote for Steve Fields. I encourage supporters to do the same and help get Steve elected to the Redmond City Council. 

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