Friday, September 15, 2017

Green Redmond forest restoration is coming to our neighborhoods.

High school students also attended -- great workers!  (click to enlarge)

Last Saturday we clipped and shoveled out  the blackberry bushes invading the neighborhood forest patch off of 104rth St. near Avondale in the "East Valley Heights Natural Area."  Besides this important habitat restorative work it was a great opportunity to hang out with Sue Stewart, Susan Cripps, Rachel Molloy and Jake --  all very active community volunteers living in the neighborhood.

King Conservation District, Forterra, and Green Redmond are partnering together to launch a new pilot Neighborhood Steward program If you’re interested in volunteering or would like more information, please email Nicole Marcotte at or call 206-905-6924!

This link gives information on the Monticello work party planned for this Saturday, 9/15. 9-12 AM

If you want to be a forest steward go here for information:

--B. Yoder

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