Sunday, August 20, 2017

Redmond Town Center "Chalk Fest" drew artists from all over the west

"The Flying Car"  - Artist Remko van Schaik with arms out enjoying the ride

The "Chalk Fest and Sidewalk Sale: in Redmond Town Center drew street artists from all over the west coast. Artist Remko van Schaik is pictured here with his art. (click to enlarge)

Remko van Schaik's Biography:  

Born in Amersfoort, The Netherlands in 1967 I had an early interest in drawing.
After successfully graduating ‘The School of Decoration’, followed by a job in Stand-Design, I started working for myself in 1992. Making murals, illustrations and 3D objects from polyester and concrete was my profession. Clients were fun-parks, swimming pools and restaurants.In the summer of 2007 I witnessed a group of street painters, making street paintings in my hometown Utrecht, and immediately I got very excited about this great art form!
Since my first my first drawing in 2008 street painting has been the focal point of my work and indeed life.Initially making traditional 2d-streetpaintings! I became more and more fascinated by the technique of 3d street paintings.
After making an increasing amount of these anamorphic paintings, I now specialize in this type of street painting. My 3d paintings are done primarily for commercial assignments and Street art festivals.
Not only is 3d Painting a great challenge of creativity and skill, it is also a fantastic social happening with plenty of interaction with the public. I truly feel blessed to be given the chance to express myself in this way and hope to be able to continue to improve and push this art form for many years to come.

3D Steet Painting features Rembro's art.porfolio

PS.  the cute lady on the car is my wife!

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