Tuesday, January 24, 2017

How does the City define "community centers," or do they?

I copied this from facebook.. My apologies for the font:

"I watch RCTV all the time. Months ago Council had frustrating study sessions to evaluate (vet) possible locations for "the Community Center." If I remember correctly, at that time they envisioned the Community Center "as a whole" -- aquatics, recreation, meeting and event spaces, visual and digital arts space, day care, performing arts, etc. I think the location decided upon was somewhere just west of City Hall within walking distance to light rail. If by miracle an aquatics/recreation center is sited in Marymoor, the re-defined "downtown community center" footprint might be smaller and less expensive. I'm a senior and definitely hope so. The buzz I've heard discussed lately is funding a downtown community center is top priority."

Bob Yoder,  opinion

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