Monday, January 23, 2017

Mysterious habitat sign by stream 0102

3/25/17 Update:  Joeseph O'Leary, City P.E tells me Stream 0102 is Peters Creek.  Shortly after this story all the invasive blackberries were were cut down from the platform and adjacent power trail 

I found this charming home-made habitat sign today on a decaying, stream-viewing platform overgrown by creeping blackberry stems. The platform was under the powerline, near a City road, close to a commercial center, about a mile south of the Overlake Christian Church.  The stream (class 2) appears ditched and seemed sluggish for this time of the year.  They're some some beautiful birches on the trailway south to the church..

Pacific Chorus Frog?  Long-Tailed Weasel? Willow Fly Catcher?  American Robin?  Stream 0102? No City or PSE logo?  This is no ordinary place.

.Photos b.y.  

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