Sunday, January 22, 2017

Years past, a Council Meeting in the Park

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A meeting in Perrigo Park years ago 
I little bit of history:

"I think this was a Parks and Human Service Committee meeting in 2008 or 2009.  I was Chair of the Committee, but don’t see myself in the picture.  Pat Vache' had suggested, and I went along with having our Committee meetings at key parks and human service agencies.  I thought is was a great idea, but nobody carried the idea on.  When I had Public Safety we had a few meetings away from City Hall, but you would be surprised about the pushback I got from other Council members let alone staff."

--  Councilmember Hank Myers, 1/23

Editor's Note:  Parks and Rec. Director Craig Larson is on the far right of the front bench.  CM Richard Cole to Craig's left facing back.  CM Pat Vache' is on the back bench second from left. CM David Carson is back bench 3rd from the left.  Looks like that could be city planner Betty "B" Sanders across from Mr. Vache'?  To me, it looks like Hank is to the left of Richard.

Bob Yoder, Editor
Photo by Yoder

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