Monday, November 19, 2012

The benefits taxpayers receive from EvergreenHealth

EvergreenHealth King County Distict #2 assesses a small annual levy (.30/$1000) on King County private property owners to fund community programs for growth and and health and wellness. 

The total 2013 Regular Property Levy for EvergreenHealth King County District #2 was  $15,190,664 and is broken down into:  1)  Regular levy for Debt Service = $ 10,970,493.65 and 2) Levy for Community Programs = $ 4,220,170.45.  

So what do we get for our money?    Laurene Burton, Administrative Director at EvergreenHealth (Hospital) provided the following answers:                                            

"2013 Bond proceeds of $10,970,493.65 are used to pay costs of acquiring, construction, remodeling and equipping the Districts’ health care facilities and have been used for:
· Constructing the Evergreen Surgery and Physicians Center (ESPC)
· Acquiring equipment and furnishings for the ESPC
· Completing improvements to the inpatient services areas within the hospital
· Remodeling certain areas of the hospital
· Acquiring and installing equipment
· Acquiring and installing clinical and administrative IT
· Constructing the DeYoung Pavilion
· Acquiring equipment and furnishings for the DeYoung Pavilion.

2013 Levy for Community Programs totalled $4,220,170.45 and pays for the following: 
Community Advisors: A group of Board appointed individuals representing the public hospital district region that provide input to Evergreen and the Board of Commissioners. $17,000
Community Health Education: Offers comprehensive outcome-based programs for individuals within our community aimed at promoting health, wellness and injury prevention within the framework of the organization's strategic goals, leading health indicators and objectives. $554,499
Community Healthcare Access Team (CHAT):Healthcare Access: Supports clients facing barriers to accessing healthcare services. Needs are assessed by social workers and clients are connected to financial, social and primary or specialty health resources in the community. $382,426
Northshore Senior Center: Programs that receive funding: Evergreen Enhance Wellness Program and Adult Day Health. In addition funding to support Senior services in Kirkland provided by NSC. All programs provided mental health support for older adults and may decrease length of hospital stay.$127,500
Senior Health Specialists: A dedicated healthcare team providing specialized complex care for elders who are frail and have multiple medical conditions, including expert assessment and treatment of dementia with behavioral health problems.$1,471,000
Community Grief and Bereavement:Professional bereavement staff supports Evergreen patients, staff, individuals and families in the community facing anticipated death and/or following the death of a loved one. Services include consultation, counseling, education, referrals and support groups, including support to children and teens, sudden traumatic and perinatal loss. $140,000
Healthline: Healthline is a multi-service department of providing 24/7 nurse triage, physician referrals, class registration, centralized scheduling along with additional support services for various hospital departments.$1,724,000
City of Kirkland: The Kirkland Senior Council provides advocacy for the senior population and distribution of educational materials; Kirkland Steppers is an organized physical activity program for seniors. $8,000
Community Health Initiative: Working with Lake Washington, Northshore and Riverview School Districts, establish immunizations programs for underserved children. $15,000"
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By Bob Yoder

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