Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Odd Fellows Rings Insignia to adorn front facade again

Odd Fellows Rings Insignia Restoration and Reinstallation


Redmond, WA. - The restored Odd Fellows rings insignia will again adorn the front façade of Odd Fellows Hall at 7979 Leary Way. On December 4, 2012, Artech, Inc. of Seattle will reinstall the rings. The restoration process was coordinated by Tim Short, proprietor of Redmond’s Bar and Grill with support from the City’s Heritage Grant Program for the restoration, rehabilitation, and preservation of historic properties. The Heritage Grant Program provides funding to help support the long-term maintenance and preservation of Redmond’s landmark buildings and places including the Orson Wiley Stone House (The Stone House Café), Bill Brown’s Building (The Matador), the Anderson Park picnic shelter, and the historic building of the former Addi-Bon Café (El Toreador).
The Odd Fellows Hall is a designated historic landmark and is one of the most prominent wood frame buildings in downtown Redmond. This two-story commercial building is located near the center of the historic business district. Built in 1903, this distinctive structure served many purposes for the local community: meeting hall; fraternal lodge for the Redmond Eagles and then the Independent Order of Odd Fellows; performance and dance hall featuring the Les LaBrie Orchestra, the City’s first movie venue; commercial space for Edwardian Antiques; and now a dining and entertainment establishment for Redmond’s Bar and Grill.
As Redmond grew during the early 1900’s, it developed an array of economic, social, and cultural institutions commonly associated with the establishment of communities in the American West. Redmond’s Independent Order of Odd Fellows was established in 1923 and like most fraternal organizations, was a means by which residents could reach out and provide support to one another. Typical activities at the Odd Fellows Hall included holiday celebrations, Thanksgiving dinners, rummage sales, community dances, theatrical events, card parties and more.
For additional information regarding this historic landmark, visit or contact Kimberly Dietz, 425-556-2415 or For Redmond’s Bar and Grill, refer to or call 425-558-9800. And, for Redmond history, contact the Redmond Historical Society at and 425-885-2919.

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