Monday, October 18, 2010

The Salmon are still running on Bear Creek; Classic Nursery is a great spot to see 'em.

The photos on the right were taken behind Classic Nursery on Bear Creek.  Salmon were spawning on the left side of the log where the water pooled around a gravely bed.  
Watch the salmon run on Bear Creek until mid-November.  Excellent viewing stations are behind Classic Nursery, on Avondale Road. 

For details and directions to Classic Nursery click:

Here's a picture of  a Sockeye salmon grouping left of the log.   They appear to be spawning.  A photographer told us ten years ago 10-20 salmon may have lined up here.  We didn't see any Chinook.  They are the large, federally protected salmon.

Does anyone know if the salmon run was good this year?   Did anyone see any Chinook?

Photos by Yoder

Post Script:  from Linda and Leon:

Thank you for letting people know about the salmon run. I’m not sure if you know that Brian Healy's classes at the Lake Washington Environmental and Adventure School have been instrumental over 10 years in helping us develop, maintain and enhance the trail. Redmond Organization of Shared Environments (R.O.S.E.) is a 501c3 that has volunteer docents to lead groups to teach environmental education. We had over 20 groups this year from preschool to a graduate program that was docent-led. We appreciate you sharing this treasure.

Linda and Leon
Classic Nursery landowners

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