Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OPINION: Thirty Education Hill neighbors attend the city Ed. Hill Network Meeting, By Bob Yoder

OPINION:  I spent two hours at the Education Hill Neighborhood Meeting last night.  I met up with some neighbors I hadn't seen in a while. Unfortunately, less than 30 neighbors showed up. CERT training, traffic on 166th and 104th, were big topics of discussion brought up by the neighbors (who sat around in three groups with staff). None of the staff running the small groups were from Education Hill. One was from Woodinville. Another from a rural city. Another from Idylwood. About four planning commissioners were present. Councilmembers Vache, Cole, Margeson, and Stilin attended, but Allen who lives on Ed. Hill didn't make it. The Mayor showed up for the intro and then left. Staff's big push was the $5000 beautification project available to the micro-neighborhoods (cul de sacs, etc.).  They were also excited about an attractive Ed. Hill web page and Facebook page coming out.  It's too bad city couldn't take us to the next level of engagement - Neighborhood Associations. With the exception of the Redmond Foundation, formation of public-private partnerships with the City appear to move slowly. The networking meeting would be so much more effective if the ratio of staff/elected (12) to neighbors (28)was less top-heavy. When all is said and done, this effort by the city was better than none and we should be thankful that they care so much about those few that attended.  
Opinion By Bob Yoder


Anonymous said...

I contemplated coming to the meeting however when I look at the neighborhood map my house is officially in North Redmond, not Education Hill.

Will there be a similar meeting for North Redmond?

Bob Yoder said...

Dear AnonyOne - I'm not sure if North Redmond will hold a neighborhood meeting anytime soon. Kim Dietz is the neighborhood planner for the city and she would know: kdietz@redmond.gov