Saturday, October 16, 2010

King County 2010 General Election Resource for the Eastside

Redmond City Hall Ballot Drop Box is open 24/7.  15670 NE 85th St.  No stamps needed.  
King County General Election, ballots must be post-marked by November 2, 2010
League of Woman's Voters of Washington takes positions on statewide ballot measures...
  • SUPPORT: R-52, I-1098
  • OPPOSE: I-1053, I-1100, I-1105, I-1107
  • TAKE NO POSITION: I-1082, HJR4220, SJR8225

County Charter / Proposition Issues - Ratings by Municipal League of King County

Ratings of Legislative Candidates -  Ratings by Municipal League of King County

Ratings for Judges
King County Bar Association ratings

Rossi - Murray Seattle Times Debate, 10/10

"Eyman's Initiative 1053 undermines the principle of majority rule" - Seattle Times Opinion

Public Disclosure Commission - campaign contributions

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