Sunday, August 8, 2010

Aug. 6: King County Primary off to Strong Start!

Aug. 6: King County Primary off to Strong Start!:

"King County voters are returning ballots at a greater rate than projected for the first week of the Primary Election. Over 100,000 ballots have already been returned and Elections officials are busy processing them. As in all elections, there are some ballots that can't be opened because of problems associated with voter signatures.

'It's really helpful that voters are getting their ballots mailed back to us early,' noted Sherril Huff, Elections Director. 'The top two reasons some ballots never get counted are due to being mailed back to us too late or the voter forgetting to sign the oath on the back of the return envelope.'

In the previous election, almost 6,000 ballots could not be counted for these reasons." Read More

King County website

Resources:  "Voting for Judges"
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