Saturday, August 7, 2010

Recovery Updates - Fundraisers continue to raise support for Redmond High graduate Chanel Cogan to pay for medical bills

IMPORTANT UPDATE:  12/29/2010: Click for Story

 Last night was a home run derby fundraiser.   Today, 8/7,  is a car wash fundraiser at the RAC from 8 - 3 p.m.   Future fundraisers and news of Chenal's recovery progress will  be posted here.
Chenal fell off a 100 foot cliff while hiking near Kachess Lake and was air-lifted to Harborview a few days ago.  As of last night she was in a medically induced coma for brain damage, her spleen was removed, and she has a severely broken arm.

Posted by Yoder, 8/7

UPDATES:    Chanel Cogan's Support Group - Facebook Updates


It feels so good not to have that tube down her throat, she's been sleeping ever since!!! Breathing away in dream land she rests peacefully, and so do we :)
Correction on the radial nerve surgery, the arm remains bent because the nerve is short and will heal stronger if not stretched out straight too early!

Chanel will probably not cough so much now, trying to get that tube out, her face is so beautiful without the garb and hardware on.

Now, with all possible tests done the elevated level of white blood cells remains a mystery??? She's been tested head to toe, inside and out for any type of infection. Her feeding tube was switched to the other nostril today too.

We keep our knees bent and one foot on the ground at all times. We couldn't be more proud of you today, Chanel !!!

I think you almost have a smile on your face :)      MeMe & Pat
UPDATES:  8/7.  Mimi Cogan:   Thank you all for turning out to Chanel's Home Run Derby. We love and appreciate all of Chanel's friends and supporters. The very generous donations were carefully given to Pat (Chanel's dad) and he was escorted to his camper,( parked outisde of Harborview for a week now) by a very wonderful young man, Logwone Mitz, who was armed with a softball bat!!!   Face Book Page

8/8.  EXCERPT FROM  CHENAL'S SUPPORT GROUP PAGE (above link)   Her ventilator has been turned off the past couple of mornings for a short period of time to see if Chanel is able to breath on her own. She has failed both times, but to be expected.

With the quiet day today, she was off the propofol. No meds, time to wake up kiddo! Not stimulating the brain at all has enabled her to have a steady ICP, until the nurses perform a procedure or suction her lungs. Then it goes to town, high, but the key is to recover in 5 minutes to a preferred rate. Her recovery tonight took 7 minutes. We want to get that pressure plug out of the brain to prevent infection. Then let's get rid of the incubator for any foreign object in the body presents a risk for infection. She has been obsorbing the tube feedings very well. She is in excellent physical condition and loves food.

Please visit Chanel's Support Group link for current updates.

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