Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stephen Colbert went on an hilarious Bing binge last night

Stephen Colbert went on a hilarious Bing binge last night, with the comedian earning a $2,500 charitable pledge from Microsoft each time he uttered the name of company's search engine. CNET's Ina Fried notes that Colbert managed to mention Bing some 40 times, earning $100,000 for the Colbert Nation Gulf of America Fund. Here's the opening clip.

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I am sure Microsoft wasn't too happy about this zinger from Colbert: "By the way, Bing is a great Web site for doing Internet searches. I know that because I Googled it." Later in the broadcast, the show's producers bleeped out a Colbert cuss word with a "Bing" and then showed the Bing logo numerous times as an actor playing BP CEO Tony Hayward gets tossed off a building and run over by a SUV driven by a sea turtle.

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By John Cook
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