Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Up, Up and Away" with the Randalls

Over Memorial weekend, I enjoyed a fun day watching the Randall family of Redmond, WA. and his club launch hobby rockets up to 7,500 feet into the air.  Dave Randall, a Microsoft Program Manager, was one of two staff running Washington Aerospace Club's "Fire in the Sky 2010" event. Every year Dave & Linda and their sons Thomas and Josh drive their RV to the wheat lands of Mansfield, WA. for club launch events. (The next Mansfield launch is 6/26-27). At 60-acres South, the rockets are limited to 2,000 feet; in Mansfield the ceiling is 7,500 feet.   Watch John Norris's humongous "hobby" launches here.

Linda Randall, introduced me to Mansfield's Mayor Snell and his dog. Snell has been mayor for 20 years and he runs the show in Mansfield, as "strong mayor". (pop. 300) He is pleased eight seniors graduated this year from their K-12 school and is grateful 3-4 launch events are held in his city every year.  Linda works for the LWSD. 

The Randalls' are active outdoor volunteers in the Redmond community. Josh, Thomas and their BMX friends have played a key role in the early development of the Redmond Bike Park. They attended the clay-modeling design workshops, went on BMX field trips with the city, attended Steering Committee meetings. The whole family pitched in to help restore the forest surrounding the Park during a Cascade Conservancy event.  Both boys are active scouts.  When they are not "Up, Up and Away" you can usually find the Randalls' on Thursday at Oddfellows Grill's  "Trivia Night".

Reported By Bob Yoder
Slides by Yoder

Some related announcements: 

The Cascade Conservancy invites Redmond citizens to a Land Steward sign-up meeting on June 12.

"Brighter" -an exciting movie premier and fundraiser for the Redmond Bike Park
June 10, 2010 at 7:00 pm

Final Draft Design Input Meeting  for Redmond Bike Park on June 30 - open to all.

Hartman Park - Redmond Bike Park area forest restoration work-party:  September 25 - 17300 NE 104th Street

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