Saturday, July 30, 2022

MOMENT Townhomes, Three and Four Bedrooms

A very rare downtown three and four bedroom apartment / townhouse  7/30/2022

"The site is located in the Downtown neighborhood, just SE of the municipal campus at 8440 160th Avenue.  A one-story building which is home to the Guilt Trip restaurant will be demolished.  

The Applicant is proposing the construction of 17 townhomes located within two different buildings. The North building has seven townhome units, while the South building has ten units. 

The building is 3-4 stories with a rooftop patio on each unit. A mix of units are anticipated with three, and four bedrooms, and single, double, or no garages. Each unit is projected to be anywhere from 1500, to 2300 square feet. Penthouses are planned.

Open space for the homes has been provided in the form of rooftop decks of 61 to 114 square feet, patios, and balconies. [Open space may be a "public benefit" provided by the developer in return for an extra story, parking spaces, a plaza with water fountain, and the like.]

"MOMENT" will activate the parcel into a vibrant, exciting new community.  The centralized location of this parcel in relation to downtown Redmond allows and likely encourages walking, bicycling, public transit use as it sits not more than ½ mile from light rail and the downtown Park.  

The Design Review Board and Applicant spent a lot of time analyzing building color. They settled on "dark grey." 

-- MainStreet Property Group, Design Review Board, 3/3/2022

Posted and excerpted by Bob Yoder, 5/25/2022

Credit:  Bob Yoder

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