Sunday, July 31, 2022

UPDATED: Affordable, Pleasant Housing At "Friendly Village"

The Village is surrounded by nature.  
Restored Bear Creek runs through the Village. Homes on right / credit: Yoder
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I was kibitzing with long-time resident John Oftebro at the Derby Days Historical Society booth.  I found myself at a loss when the subject of the "Friendly Village" came up.  

Fast forward:  Last week, on a sweltering day Pam, I and Zoey took a ride to the Friendly Village.  Driving east on NE 95th Street (also known as Conrad Olsen Road on Google maps,) the Friendly Village, 55-plus mobile home park, immediately came into view. The Village opened in 1971.

I was surprised by the beautiful landscaping, an old growth tree, and the attractive, well-maintained homes.  The varied amenities include a common hall, fenced dog park, new pool, and salmon-bearing Bear Creek running through the 40-acre parcel.  

In the common hall, I bumped into Mary, a kind lady and long-time resident of the park.  She was selecting gleaned groceries from the food service area. 

I really enjoyed my conversation with Mary.  She pointed towards the creek saying the land was first a "wash" and later a turkey farm.  She is happy her home is creekside.  Mary said Ms. McRedmond, a descendent of the McRedmond founders used to live in the Village.  She now lives a bit east on Conrad Olsen Road. Mary suggested I knock on her door.  It's possible, Ms. McRedmond may still be going to the Redmond Cafe once a week.

The Village, including 224 pads, was purchased by the King County Housing Authority (KCHA) in 2017.  The Housing Authority apparently charges $850/month per pad. Some utilities are covered. The county also gets credits for housing seniors.  Mary said the Village is a "cash cow" for the county.

Village living is affordable, attractive, and green.  Home prices are roughly $90k - $375k (RMAX)  

-- Bob Yoder, 7/31/2022

EXTRA!  FOR SALMON WATCHERS:  The City of Redmond's NE 95th Street Bridge Bear Creek Enhancement Site  (excellent map.)  The Bridge is a great  place for viewing salmon (Sept.-Nov.) 

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