Friday, October 5, 2018

Low turn-out at weekday Downtown park event

The city hosted a concert series in the Downtown Park that was curated in partnership with KEXP DJ Sharlese Metcalf to highlight local, Pacific Northwest musical talent, including musicians that have ties to Redmond.  My wife and I went to the last concert on Thursday, October 4th.  And guess what?  It wasn't raining and quite a beautiful Fall evening!
Is this the "Redmond Moving Art Center?"
Mayor Marchione said in a press release, this series brings "fresh new music and fun to Downtown Redmond,  It's a great way to spend a Thursday night with friends and family in the community’s new Downtown Park.”

The City announced that "each evening’s concert takes place in the beautiful Redmond Moving Art Center designed by Brooklyn-based artist Janet Zweig."  It was recommended residents "bring your picnic blankets and lawn chairs and enjoy food from one of the many surrounding downtown restaurants." 
Well, even with good weather and fine music this weekday's entertainment in the Downtown Park didn't appear popular.  At 7 pm I counted roughly 24 adults, four dogs, and 6 children. None brought picnic blankets or food.  
As opposed to the Downtown Park Grand Opening, the park was fully exposed and you could see all the concrete and concrete benches that people are talking about.  Mildly put, I was taken aback. The favorite part of our visit was the colorful light art under the pavilion.  It was really cool.
-- Bob Yoder, opinion
 Photos Yoder

Source:  City press release

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