Friday, July 27, 2018

Downtown Park Grand Opening set for September 15th

Jessica R, City Arts Administrator gave a presentation to City Council on the Grand Opening of the Downtown Park during a July 3rd Council committee meeting.   The Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday, September 15th, 5PM - 10PM....hopefully without rain.  A "soft opening" is date-uncertain,

Image result for redmond downtown park imageThis will be a time of celebrating Redmond's first urban park...."the last major construction project for the downtown" according to the City.  It sounds like a fun time.  "Everyone's invited -- they are expecting a So Bazzar type of attendance of 5,000."

Ribbon cutting is 5-5:30 PM.  An afternoon scavenger hunt is being considered, in concert with the local business.  After the ribbon cutting there will be a community picnic with long picnic tables set along 161st....I think.  The Grand Lawn is available as well.  Restaurants will be partnering for to-go ordering. 

Redmond's first Artist in Residence will give an interactive performance, "100 years From Today."  It will have three acts with crafts and games in between.  The current Artist in Residence will present a digital art exhibit at the pavilion (the "flying saucer.")

The theme for the event is "metamorphosis" -- celebrating the rapid change from a one stoplight town to an urban center.  Caterpillar and butterfly art will be scattered around the park. The event closes at 8 PM with a digital lighting exhibition presented by Redmond's current Artist in Residence.

Source:  Council Committee of the Whole, Parks & Human Service, July 3rd video.

Note:  The Downtown Park cost $18M to build but many say it's closer to $40M when counting the land acquisition and other expenses.

  ☝   The scavenger hunt is sponsored by One Redmond and will begin at 1PM.  According to David Carson, cater-fly art won't be installed.  

B. Yoder

Source:  Council Committee of the Whole, Parks and Human Services.  

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