Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A fly-fishing sport in Redmond

Walking from the Eastside Gym over the "rusty bridge" yesterday I saw some Pike minnow fly-fishermen casting from a raft.  The fishermen were targeting their white fin.    

According to Tom Hardy, City of Redmond Stream and Habitat Planner, lots of these unwanted,  Northerrn Pike minnow are swimming around Lake Sammamish and the River eating  salmon smolt and eggs. Mr. Hardy stated:  "The curious thing about Northern Pikeminnow is that they are native fish to Washington but they are voracious salmon eaters, too."  As you'll see from the video, numbers are so high in the Columbia River there's a bounty on them.  I don't think we're there yet. 😀 But it sure looks like a fun sport! The season is from May 1 to August 31.  Go for it!

B. Yoder

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