Monday, June 11, 2018

At first glance

StationHouse in 2018
The Education Hill 166th Avenue road to downtown Redmond is probably the most significant urban gateway of any in Redmond next to Leary Way.  Residents from the north Redmond neighborhoods travel 166th most any day of the week.  I must admit, in my 38 years on the Hill I've taken our evergreens for granted.  This all changed with the StationHouse development. 

Below is a photo of StationHouse in 2017.  One year later it reached it''s maximum height and white finished color.  StationHouse is the embodiment of the new Redmond.  At first glance from the Hill I was shocked if not repelled by this white cubed "flat top."  Numbed, already I'm getting used to it.  
StationHouse in 2017
B. Yoder 


Richard Morris said...

I feel the same as you. I preferred seeing trees on my commute down the hill...But I am getting used to the new skyline. It is a good looking building...Rebuilding the downtown core is ongoing now. Plenty of big buildings to see.

John Reinke said...

The times sure are a-changing, what with all this new development documented in your photos, Bob.

I hope we can somehow manage to retain the neighborly feel of Redmond, which has been a hallmark of our community for so many years.