Friday, April 13, 2018

Youth Bike Camps at Marymoor Park

When I learned about Pedalheads Bike Camps at the Redmond Town Center Extravagance festival I was blown away.  Twenty years ago when my daughter Lexie was learning how to ride we struggled teaching her, she fell a lot, became anxious about the sport and never tried it again. Had a bike camp existed we would have immediately put her into it.

I rode the PIM ebike to Extravaganza and chatted with
Pedalheads at their booth
Even though Redmond is known as "The Bicycle Capital of the Northwest" it's hard to believe the city's  never offered a bike camp.  We have lacrosse camps, softball classes, flag-football clubs, soccer camps, swim classes, basketball camps, baseball clubs, a variety of community center classes but nothing for parents wanting to teach their kids how to ride safely and securely.

I called Pedalheads to learn about their Marymoor Park classes.  The popular Level One class, June 26-29 is already filled.  They have a special, July 2-6 for $188.00.  July 9-August 27 half day classes cost $235/week and are still open. To register call 1-888-886-6464 or visit their website.

B. Yoder

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