Friday, February 9, 2018

My e-bike hill climb

Richard Morris holding the PIM bike (see the battery?)
We had our first good weather in months today!  The sun even came out!  It was time to finally roll my PIM e-bike (electric bicycle) demo out from the garage.  I invited my neighbor, Richard Morris, to come over, check it out; he immediately wanted on.   Richard walks 2-3 miles everyday with his dog so had no problem climbing this gentle hill  He didn't need any power, just down-shifted some. I think this particular bike has 18 gears....just like a regular bike.

I tried the bike months ago but it was way too frigid to shift and I was in crappy shape.  I was dying to get out today to try Power level 3 since I had trouble finding it earlier.  I needed Power 3 to get up 166th.  Pam, my wife, was on me to be safe so I took 171st from the Redmond Bike Park down to Redmond El. (virtually no traffic.)   A few huffs or two and I was up.  Yikes! time I'll gear up for a better fat-burn.

It was awesome to get some fresh air and see the green native-growth easement again.

B. Yoder


Anonymous said...

Well, that's a girl designed bike.

YampaRunner said...

I've been thinking about e bikes for years and wish my hubby used one regularly to commute to work. I bought a pair of waterproof cover pants today for him --found them at Superior Seconds in Issaquah, a great sporting goods exchange store. The pants would be perfect to keep water off during a rainy commute. GOSH if everyone drove these little e bikes to work think of the lines of traffic that would disappear, and think of how happy everyone would be from all the fresh air and exercise!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great write up. Ebikes are definitely becoming popular for so many reasons. I ride mine to work so I don’t have to sit in traffic. I can show up to work without being sweaty and gross then adjust the power setting for a good workout on the way home. PIM ebikes are great! I’ve got 2500+ miles on mine.

Bob Yoder said...

I love the rugged design and can't wait to take it out on the Powerline Trail to see how it smooths the bumps. I will be EXPLORING with this bike -- reaching places unknown for an outa-shape 60's guy like myself. Also plan to use it as far as the battery will take me....Redmond, Woodinville, Kirkland trails, and will check out the MSFT campus, etc. Right now is my super dupper exercise machine --- farewell gym treadmill.

Blake Swanson said...

Bob Yoder I don't have anything special for the weather. I usually wear a gore tex winter jacket, thick gloves, and leather boots with my office attire. I always keep some rain pants with me in case it starts raining hard, I usually don't need them though. I've been curious about picking up a Cleverhood to avoid rain pants all together but have had mixed success trying to simulate one with a poncho :). SOURCE: Kirkland FB