Thursday, November 9, 2017

UPDATED, 11/13, LWSD parents comment on the Re-Boundary Proposal

Minute 35 -- John Muir overcrowding comments

 Minute 41.10 -- Public Comments on Proposed  Re-Boundary

Hour 1:09  -- Superintendent Dr. Pierce's Boundary comments

***Hour 1:36:15 -- Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jon Holmen's Boundary presentation and Board President Dr. Chris Carlson's input.

***Hour 3:11:20 -- Superintendent - Director talk time.

Source:  November 6th School Board Meeting

The Boundary Committee is composed of 10 Principals and 8 Administrators -- no parents.

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Anonymous said...

To the parents who live in the "232nd Corridor" whose children are being sent to Redmond Ridge East Elementary even though they live closer to Dickinson and Rosa Parks:
You'll spend less than 3 hours each day teaching your children everything that they would learn in a whole day at school.

It takes an hour to drive the kids to school and an hour to drive home. Most of the time is spent sitting in lines and waiting for drop-off and pick-up. (Everyone knows how awful the school bus transportation is, so nobody uses it.) The two hours that you would spend driving can instead be spent learning - and with an additional hour - the whole day's schoolwork will be accomplished.

My whole neighborhood got so pissed at the school district a few years ago that we all did homeschooling (except for the kids who were in Quest.)We started "class" at 9 AM and finished at about Noon. Kids who are homeschooled actually learn because they don't get to move on if they didn't understand the material being taught.

There are many books and materials for homeschooling that can be ordered online. Each parent in our neighborhood moved at the speed that their students needed. We did field trips and fun projects. Our children learned far more than they would have if they'd been in school.

We all started out saying, "I'm not a teacher. I cannot teach my own kids." We soon discovered that we could teach (or we taught ourselves to teach.) It was tedious at times, sometimes difficult, sometimes easy, but in the end, it was so rewarding.

An interesting note: our children lost a lot of weight during homeschooling and grew a lot taller. Apparently, not being rushed at meals and getting more sleep is good for kids.