Tuesday, October 10, 2017

LETTER : LWSD is behind neighboring school districts in SAT and ACT scores.

Image result for letter to editor imagesLWSD issued a press release on October 4th celebrating LWSD's SAT and ACT scores--touting that they were above state and national average.  With a closer look, LWSD actually scored below Bellevue, Mercer Island, and Issaquah....not too impressive in my book.  

Bellevue:  610 (Reading/Writing)  623 (Math)
Issaquah 608 (Reading/Writing)  610 (Math)
Mercer Island 641 (Reading/Writing)  652 (Math)
LWSD 600 (Reading/Writing 598 (Math)
Northshore 590 (Reading/Writing)  597 (Math)

 -- This letter was submitted by a reader wishing to remain 
Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (ERW) Mean

Math Mean

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Anonymous said...

These press releases by the Lake Washington School District distort the facts to make it sound like everything is great. Just last month the district's press release for standardized testing had the headline "Lake Washington Students shine on Smarter Balanced Assessments" and went on to note that 74.5% of eighth graders passed the math assessment test.

This is not a "shining" result. Only 3 of 4 students in 8th grade could pass the test. To put it another way, one of every four students in 8th grade is flunking math!

Of the 2121 students who were 8th graders last year, 530 couldn't pass the State's math test. This is alarming and embarrassing for the school district. It is outright tragic for students whose lives depend on getting a decent education.

Hey, Traci Pierce and School Board Members! What's the plan to rescue these students before they end up dropping out?