Monday, September 11, 2017

"Walking School Buses" have many benefits, Apps make them easy

A Walking Bus is a form of student transport for schoolchildren who, chaperoned by two adults (a "Driver" leads and a "conductor" follows),walk to school along a set route, in much the same way a school bus would drive them to school.  Like a traditional bus, walking buses have a fixed route and designated "bus stops" and "pick up times" in which they pick up children.  

Walking contributes to overall good health and fitness and students who walk to school arrive at school alert and ready to learn.  A walking school bus adds in a fun and social aspect to walking as well as flexibility for the parents by sharing the walking duties. It takes cars off the roads and reduces carbon footprint.

The School Board and Traci are holding a public meeting tonight, September 11th, 7 pm at the School Resource Center in Redmond Town Center.  I hope some of you will turn-out to encourage Walking Buses at LWSD  There's a 3-minute "comment period" on the agenda where you're invited to talk to the Board and Traci about anything you want.  I hope to see you there!

 -- B. Yoder   


Bob Yoder said...

According to the LWSD Administration: Mann, Thoreau, Muir and Rosa Parks elementary are "complete" walking schools. A few years ago the City of Redmond and LWSD set up a Walking Bus pilot program at Mann. It never took off. An App would have helped but one wasn't available at the time.

My thinking (and my wife's and Jean Avery's) is the School Bus concept must start at the grassroots level rather than "top down" for it to be successful. I went to a School Board meeting last night to express this; it was very well received by Board President Dr. Carlson! He agreed working with the PTA's was a good idea and suggested working with the PTA"s to "sell" the Walking Bus.

What do you think: If you want a Walking Bus please ask your PTA friends to get involved! Start with one or two small groups first to get it going. Muir and Thoreau might be good schools to focus on since Dr. Carson (and Director Laliberte) both live in Kirkland. Also you might want to contact Siri Bliesner, the Board's VP.

Go for it! Please e-mail me at if you want to meet for coffee.

Cassandra Sage said...

Shared with Thoreau on Monday!

Bob Yoder said...

Awesome Cassandra! I think Rose Hill Middle School needs one too.

Bob Yoder said...

I live about a 5 minutes from MANN and just saw a Walking Bus from my window! A parent was leading about 8 kiddos - tightly bunched - up the hill. Holy Cow! (and just think if there's ever an emergency where students have to be released these kidos won't have to wait and wait and wait for a real bus or for their parents fighting traffic to pick them up.)

Cassandra Sage said...

They are on my list to walk and understand the challenges they face with pedestrian safety!

Cassandra Sage said...

If each parent with a child in the Walking Bus program has listed the adult "drivers" as emergency contacts, then yes! The adult in charge that day can only walk your student home if the school has received parent permission ☺️

Bob Yoder said...

Cassandra, I hope Walking Bus drivers (parents) don't get too bogged down with rules early in the game. Collaborating with the Principal should help to arrive at solutions.

Is Thoreau interested? Do you know if they'll move forward?

Cassandra Sage said...

I'll keep you posted!