Thursday, September 28, 2017

UPDATED: School district recaps Boundary review meeting

Boundary Review Process Update!

The District held a Community Boundary meeting at Redmond Middle School this Tuesday to review their four scenarios.  Pam and I attended; we met several of the district executives and neighbors.       Bethany Pendergrass, Director of Communications and Community Engagement just published an EXCELLENT RECAP of the meeting which includes these videos. (Deputy Superintendent Dr. Jon Holmen is narrating.)  The recap offers a good opportunity to give feedback.  The comment period ends in October.

"Read More" to see 2 more scenarios

B. Yoder

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Anonymous said...

These videos introduce choice schools at the new North Redmond Elementary and at Einstein Elementary. There will also be Quest (gifted)programs at Wilder and Redmond Ridge East in addition to Quest programs at Redmond Ridge Rosa Parks Elementary and Alcott Elementary.

Four gifted (Quest) programs at the schools on Union Hill but none inside Redmond. What is going on? THIS IS JUST WRONG!!!! How will the district provide bus transportation to these distant schools when they can't find bus drivers?

Choice schools are filled by lottery so there will be kids from all over the district, so these academically advanced programs are not even reserved for Redmond students.

The video also refers to learning center programs and intervention programs. What are these?

None of these details were given on the scenarios that were posted by the district. What else are they thinking but not telling us?