Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Updated: South Education Hill is redeveloping

South Education Hill is redeveloping.  Yellow "Proposed Land Use" signs on NE 88th announce three short plats under review. Two of  the plats are on either side of this road and owned by an East Indian investor.  Once the three plats are approved 12 single family homes will be built removing habitat and adding more traffic to 166th.   According to the owner of the house you see (a retired pro baseball player and employee at Summit), these plats are remnants of an apple orchard.  A total of 10 apple trees remain.  Six are on the two short plats and four are behind the house.  A few of these apple trees are visible in this video.  The house owner said all trees on the plats (in the video) will be removed.  He said the 9 month long water-line construction on 171st will increase the water pressure to service the new homes.

According to the Planning Dept. there are quite a few more short plats under review.  If you have time, you might be able to find them on the city's "Project Viewer." 


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Constance said...

I think this developer built a lovely small neighborhood up by Paine Field.