Monday, January 9, 2017

City Scheduled to Remove 42 Dead Street Trees

Image result for trees cartoon imagesRedmond:   This time of year it is often difficult to tell a dead tree from a dormant tree. However, this past summer the death of several street trees along 185th Avenue NE came to the attention of the City’s Park Operations work group who manage the nearly 8,000 street trees along major arterials and downtown.
“Multiple seasons of extended drought have resulted in stressful growing conditions for both newly planted and established trees,” said staff arborist Chris Tolonen. These dry conditions have contributed to the death of 40+ trees on this street between NE 76th Street and State Route 202.
The removal of the dead trees will be accomplished with Park Operations staff beginning on January 17. Removals, including the grinding of the stumps, will be followed by the planting of replacement trees. Work activities should be confined to the parking lane; intermittent sidewalk closures will be required to maintain pedestrian safety.   
For questions and more information contact Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager, at or 425-556-2427

We had a beautiful, 40-year old hybrid vine maple in our front yard.  It had incredible colors. We loved this tree. It died last year and we had to chop it down.  The arborist said the terrible drought in 2015 and another one in 2016 killed off many trees; he's never seen so many dead.  B.Y. 

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