Friday, November 4, 2016

Redmond Assembly of God sponsors "Prayer for Unity" at City Hall election night

News about Redmond's churches are rarely posted, but this one is worthy and related to city government.  

Redmond Assembly of God (Redmond AG) has a special relationship with the city.

In 2006 Ps. Robroy Ranger opened his church to the City of Redmond for their "Education Hill Caucus" meetings. Hank Margeson, now President of  City Council ran alot the meetings - staffed by city planners Sarah Stiteler and Kimberly Dietz.  Pastor Robroy was quoted in the "Seattle Times" about the character of Education Hill, as a result of the church's contribution.

Pastor Robroy Ranger
Fast forward to the present:  Just a few days ago, Mayor Marchione and the city administration signed of permit to allow Redmond AG's non-denominational Christian "Prayer for Unity."  Mr. Mayor felt so strongly of it's merit that with only one week's request from Redmond AG, he expedited the 90-day permit process and agreed to locate the prayer on the steps of City Hall!

During Council's "Items from the Audience" this week Janet Richards said, "after we cast our ballots there's nothing left we can do but pray."  She thanked the Mayor and Council and invited them to attend the event.

Janet is a Redmond AG board member and one of the founding members of the Education Hill Neighborhood Association. The prayer is hosted by the Christian community but open to all, regardless of what you believe.  This  non-partison event is a great opportunity for all churches in Redmond to unite for a good cause with the community at large.  Please no partisan speech....the prayer is next to the ballot drop-off box.

"Prayer for Unity" will be held at the City Hall campus, Nov. 8th, election night, 5:45 - 7:15pm. Prayers, songs, music will begin at 6pm. The city has advised us to park off campus since voters will be driving to the ballot drop-off box.

Bob Yoder

The Redmond United Methodist ChurchSt Jude and Revive Church have city connections, as well.  St. Jude and Revive Church apply for city permits to host tent-encampments.  Every year the Methodist Church plays bell music during Winter Lights. They've also attended Items from the Audience to ask Council and the community for support of their Open Kitchen.  

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