Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Updated: Barred Owl spotted on the Powerline Trail

Credit:  Ron Reiger
Susan and Ron Reiger, Education Hill neighbors, spotted this Barred Owl on the Powerline Trail last night. "He was near 110th Street close to where at the trail splits around the tower." Susan reported her story on the Chat Cafe facebook group.

Doreen Gallespie, another neighbor on Chat Cafe reported "Barred Owls moved into the PNW only in the last 15 years."  She gave this great link that fully describes the bird, even giving it's hoot.


"Barred Owls live in large, mature forests made up of both deciduous trees and evergreens, often near water."  Huh...I wonder where this owl lives?  Where's the closest "large, mature forest near water?"  A heavily forested wetland.is just west of Evans Creek Trail. Would they fly that far?  Hartman forested wetlands?  


John Reinke said...

Great photo of the barred owl!

Unknown said...

Yes, the non-native (to the Western US) owl which further threatens the endangered Northern Spotted Owl. Not something to celebrate, as much as I love birds.

Bob Yoder said...

Dear "Unknown"

Irrelevant to Redmond and the Puget Sound in general....unless you go back maybe 200 years when there was once old growth here...and then the Barred Owl didn't even live out here.