Tuesday, September 27, 2016

UPDATED,9/28 We know who runs the district's facility planning and transportation team, but what's "Support Services?"

OPINION: Yeah!  Superintendent Dr. Traci Pierce revamped the school district's organizational chart; more importantly she is now posting the job descriptions of her Leadership team!  This is a significant improvement in governance transparency.

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Now we know Forest Miller is responsible for facilities planning and transportation! His title is "Director of Support Services." -- it's kinda confusing. From my limited knowledge, his participation during Bond Task Force meetings was, in part, over-ridden by one of the superintendents and, in my opinion, this led to a lack of confidence within the community.  Do you remember the negative Letters to the Editor?

Last week, my wife and I attended the North Redmond Elementary school meeting at City Hall. Mr. Miller gave a super 30 minute presentation on the proposed school and actively participated in the poster sessions.  He's an approachable professional, kind, and an excellent speaker.  I'm so happy Forest was taken out of his cubical so we could see his true talents and feel more confident about how our new schools are built and district land is acquired.

We also know Janene Fogard is the district's Chief Operating Officer!  Yet, at the North Redmond El presentation she was introduced by her old title, "Deputy Superintendent of Support Services."   Huh? What does that tell us, other than she's important?

As COO she has a huge responsibility -- oversight of district finances and the budget (still not transparent), oversight of the district computers and software, oversight of facilities planning, oversight of transportation....and on. For accountability alone, it's important we know she's the COO, not just someone in charge of Support Services.

Bob Yoder


Anonymous said...

I would like to complain about the reader board at the front of Redmond High School. It has been broken for over a year. I looked at the organizational chart and couldn't figure out who I should contact in order to get the reader board repaired or simply taken out. Anybody who visits the school has to notice that the board is broken. Apparently, the Director of School Repairs has not been to RHS in a long time.

Another issue at RHS is that the cement that was poured in the new addition is defective and is criss-crossed with cracks. The cement on the stairs is also cracked and crumbling. The cracks in the cement on the second floor run completely through the slab so that water that is spilled on the second floor causes water to drip through the ceiling on the first floor. This is a construction defect that should be a warranty repair covered by the contractor.

The to-do list of repairs at RHS is 10 pages long. Are all the schools in the same state of disrepair? Who is responsible for fixing all the stuff that's broken?

Bob Yoder said...

Yikes! I'll relay this onto Forest Miller. He's the "Director of Support Services," and might be able to help. If you want to reach him yourself, I can look up his contact info for you.